Saturday, January 3, 2015

Empties - lip edition

I've gathered quite a few empties since the last empties post, so I decided to split it up into several posts. So today we're talking lip products.

I didn't really use up all those lipsticks in the Picture above. But I mixed them up and created a lip palette innstead. These were all colors that did not suit me too well, and some nudes that were either too light or dark for me. So I now have a lot more room in my lipstick drawer. yay!

On to some products that I actually used up completely, wich consists mostly of lip balms. I've really been using a lot of lip balm lately, and I feel a possible obsession taking form.

I used up 2 of my lipsmackers from the cupcake Collection. I love these little guys so much it almost makes me sad to use them up. Thankfully they are still available here and there, so once they are all used up, I'm going to treat myself to some more. (I have at least 3 more left so it's not happening any time soon)

I also used up my Labello vitamin shake in "cranberry&raspberry" I loved this one! it gave a subtle tint and it just felt really nice on the lips. I definately want to repurchase it.

I used up a maxfactor gloss cube, I got this in a subscription box and have never seen them anywhere else. This I just used up to get rid of it. I did not like it. Too sparkly and strange.

And lastly I used up my EOS lip balm in Vanilla. I actually prefer the tubes to the little spheres. I definately would repurchase this one, I need to see if the scents of the round ones also come in stick format.

So that was my empties for today. I'm really trying to clean up my Collection so you can expect more empties and some "products I don't like" type posts.


  1. If you have any MAC empties, collect 6 of them, take them into a MAC store and you can get a free lipstick. It has to be empties like eyeshadow, lipstick etc x

    1. Yup... Back to Mac. :-) I dont really have a Mac near me, so I Never buy Mac. But it's a cool concept


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