Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Follow up - Coastal Scents 252 ultimate eye shadow palette

I'm breathing some life into this series Again. I love empties post, because you get to see what bloggers think about a product from start to finish. But sometimes, you just don't get around to finishing a product. That's why I'm doing this series. And I just couldn't do this series without talking about my Coastal Scents 252 palette. (available here)

This palette has brought me so much joy, but the Pictures I took of it way back when, has caused me so much anger and a sprinkle of stress. My swatch post of this palette is my most visited post, with over 4450 pageviews. But it's also my most "stolen" Picture. I've had to contact so many Companies, websites and yes... even a few bloggers, to ask them to take down my Picture from their site. I'm sorry, but the Pictures aren't even that great... Must be because they are amongst the first to pop up on Google images I guess?

The "infamous" Picture, that's been stolen so many times.

Oh well let's skip the drama and get on to the good stuff.

I have loved this palette ever since I got it. And I will continue to love it FOREVER! I hardly ever do a complete eye look with this palette anymore (should start doing that some more). But I do incorporate some of the shadows into my eye looks quite often. This is just a great color "library" to have.
Updated Picture, As you can see it's been used but it still looks pretty clean and neat. I take good care of it ;)
I often find myself wishing that my dark Burgundy eyeshadows would turn up more warm toned on my skin, but I guess my eyes just suck the warmth out of shadows, and that's where my beloved 252 palette somes into play. There are some amazing shades in there, especially the reds.

This is probably my most loved palette, this is a must have for me!

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about this oldie but goodie palette. Did you get it? Do you want to get it? why/why not?


  1. Wow, check out those colors, especially the blues and pinks x

    1. It's pretty awesome, and the selection of mattes and shimmers are great. So you can pretty much choose if you want a matte version or a shimmmer version of every color.

  2. What do u Wear on ur lips? 😊

    1. I'm not sure what you mean. What I'm wearing on my lips now or is it a specific Picture you are thinking about?

    2. Ups det gik lidt stærkt🙈
      Mener hvad har du på læberne på dit profilbillede? Det lidt sådan en kylie jenner farve som jeg er helt vild med for tiden.

    3. Det er Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick i farven nudeist. Det er en ret mørk læbestift i forhold til hvad jeg regnede med. Så nok ikke din nye Kylie Jenner læbestift :-) men flot er den, og så holder den i evigheder.

  3. Replies
    1. It really is. It's such a great palette to have.

  4. Wow that's such a great value for an eye shadow palette. Are they all really long lasting and pigmented? How well do they go on?
    xoxo Aimee

    1. Most of them have great pigmentation, there are a few matte pastelles that could have been more vibrant. But I'm really happy with the overall pigmentation. As for staying power, I always use a primer or base and they last fine on me. I have had no trouble with blending or application in general. I think the quality is pretty great.


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