Sunday, January 25, 2015

Follow up - Maybelline baby lips

I have had my Maybelline baby lips for almost a year soon. And I feel like it's time to do a bit of a follow up on these. The regular line became available in Denmark this year, but I have not bought any of them, wich says to me that I don't like them enough, to the point where I feel like I need all of them.

The Dr. rescue balms are being released in Denmark soon, and I may just go look and see if there is a shade I like, but otherwise I probably won't go crazy over them either.

I did a review of these in april 2014 and reading my review Again, I feel like I can still stand by what I wrote. Now if you take away the "new" factor and the excitement then you're left with how I feel about them now.

Yes the packaging is cute, and yes some of them smell really nice. But they are not that hydrating and they do not last very long on the lips at all.

I do have to say that I am really liking my Dr. rescue on at the moment. I have some blisters on my lips, due to some sort of allergy. Some foods and some product will break me out in blisters immediately ( I need to go to the doctor with that). And I actually feel like the Dr. rescue soothes my lips and helps the swelling go Down faster. So I'm actually pretty happy with that one, even though I really don't like the scent.

my old Picture from the review I did.

To be honest. I'm not that into the baby lips. If I want a balm I'll put on a real balm, and if I want a hint of color I'll put the tiniest bit of lipstick over top of the balm. I just don't reach for these very often. Except from the Dr. rescue wich is really helping me out at the moment.

The strange thing is, that I still find myself wanting to try more colors and new Collections, even though I know they will just end up unloved on the shelf. It's stupid really. But so far I've been good and I have not bought anymore.

So yeah, love hate relationship with an average product.



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