Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fortune cookie soap - Shower steamers review

I bought these at the Black Friday sale, they were 3 for 2, so I decided to try them out. I've tried something similar from Lush years ago, and wanted to see how I'd like these.

Price: $5,99 on fortune cookies soap's website

Packaging: They come in sets of 3 shower steamers in each bag. I like that they come in paper bags, it seems less wasteful than putting them in plastic containers.

FCS has 6 scents to choose from as of right now, so there should be a scent for everyone.

FCS's directions:  "For maximum results take a hot, steamy shower. Simply unwrap & toss the shower fizzy on the floor to the back of your shower, out of the stream of water. You want it to slowly fizz during your shower, rather than quickly run down your drain. It's like your personal little aromatherapy room, the steamier the better!"

I have to say I'm not sure what I think of these. At first I do get quite a strong scent going, wich is what I want. But either my nose just quickly adapts to the scent or it just kinda fades. Because I don't really think it's as powerfull as I'd like it.

Putting it away from the stream of Water makes it take forever to dissolve, wich is good. But I don't take 30 min. showers though, And putting it closer to the stream will give me more scent but for a lot less time.

So this is just one of those product that I want to use and like. But it's just not what I want it to be. Maybe my shower isn't getting steamy enough? I don't know but it's just not working 100% for me.

It's not a bad product, but I feel a Little wasteful just washing this Down the drain. And I wish the scent would linger more, and be more noticable.

I probably will not get more of these, I would rather buy a bath bomb as I feel it's not as wasteful as this. But if you don't have a tub, then that's not really an option. I'd suggest you try one of the hydrate me (solid body butters) the scent on these are strong but not overpowering and it will be such a treat at the end of your shower.



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