Monday, January 5, 2015

Fortune cookie soap - whipped cream review

This is going to be a quick review of the Fortune cookie soap whipped creams. I'm feeling a Little under the weather (ate something that my body is not agreeing with.. tmi?)  I got this one in the Black Friday sales, so it was discounted and this particular scent is not available anymore.

Price: $10,99 for a 4oz. jar or $16,49 for an 8oz. jar (4oz. is equal to 118ml)

Packaging: A sturdy plastic jar, clear bottom with a Black lid. These are filled to the brim when you get them!

Scent: I ordered the "swankified" scent. I'm not sure what it's supposed to smell like, but for me it's a very sweet banana, cream, caramel type of scent, with a hin of peanut butter. Not an everyday scent for me, but it's yummy!

This is an amazing body butter! Seriously... it's easy to rub into the skin. My skin does not feel greasy, but it feels extremely soft and hydrated.  The scent does linger on the skin quite well, so you don't need any additional fragrance really.

I am absolutely in love with the rich creamy texture of this stuff! And I need to do some "scent research" to pick out a few scents that would be more appropriate for daily use, because I'm definately getting more of these!

My mother has a thing for body butters, so I'm going to give her a few of these and see what she thinks.

I'd definately suggest you get the biggest size, it's more bang for your buck. But this stuff really does last quite well, a Little goes a long long way for me.

I was a Little afraid to use it at first, because it contains aloe vera. I've had some really bad reactions to aloe on my face so I was unsure what it would do to my body. But it's absolutely fine for me to use on my body. So apparently it's just a facial issue I got going on with aloe.

This is NOT my last tub of whipped cream. I'm definately getting more of them! (after my spending ban)


  1. This seems like an interesting product, like the sound of the scent too x

  2. Fortune Cookie soap has some really awesome scents, and scent names, like "unicorn farts" haha. I'm slowly becoming addicted. I need to try their bath stuff.

  3. I have been wanting to try this brand!

    1. I can recommend the body butters and the "hydrate me" (solid lotions) it's amazing. I want to try more from them. I'm thinking about signing up to their quarterly subscription box.


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