Friday, January 16, 2015

FOTD - Job interview

I just got home from a job interview, and thought I would post a Little face of the day. It has been sooo long since my last job interview. So I was really nervous about going overboard with makeup. I wanted to look fresh faced and natural, so I would not distract anyone with my sparkly lids or crazy lipstick.

Funny enough it was me who wiund up being distracted by her manicure. She had some really pretty bronzey nail polish on. I'm damaged by all this beauty blogging haha. I soo badly wanted to ask her where she got her nails done. But I didn't.

 So I kept my look pretty simple. No contouring, no bright blush and no sparkle

Gosh Xceptional Wear Foundation
Physicians formula nude Wear blush
Maybelline instant age rewind concealer
Essence all about matt powder

Benefit stay don't stray primer
Makeup Revolution, essential mattes palette
Almay get up and grow mascara
Essence eyebrow penm sheered out A LOT

Gosh light'n shine lip gloss in 101

It's not my most awesome look, I've really been getting into the more dramatic end of the "neutral" makeup. So this was really toned Down for me. I kept my hair in a ponytail, becuase it's really windy out and I did not want it flying into my gloss. But I took the ponytail out before the interview. I swear my hair was not this messy at the interview.

I may have a job for the next 2 weeks, starting monday.
Oh yeah, and I may have to change my phone number. I have been getting some nasty Pictures on my phone from an unnkown person. I just found out that I actually might now this person, and if it's him, it's not the first time he has harrassed me. So yeah. little bit of a strange day today.


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    1. Thanks Jasmine. It's not a lip gloss I normally rach for, but I'm starting to like different lip colors. And it's pretty nice on top of mauve lipsticks.

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    1. Thanks. It's super basic, but sometimes it's nice to just look like I'm not all dolled up.

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