Saturday, January 24, 2015

FOTD - quick and easy look

I almost always visit go to my parents house for dinner on Fridays. So when one of my girlfriends texted me and asked if I wanted to go to the movies later that night, I had to come up with a quick makeup look.

Btw, this is how my hair looks with no styling or no products in it. I prefer to straighten it. But sometimes I can't be bothered so I just brush it out and go.

I just threw on some BB cream, a Little concealer and some mascara. I then topped it off with a very red ELF lip tint. I'm kinda liking this easy no fuss look. And the lip tint really stayed on all night. The lighting in the Pictures is off, for some reason it makes me look like I'm yellow around my mouth area.. Whatever, you get the idea of the look hopefully.

We went to see a movie called the 7th son. It was pretty cool and I got home around midnight.

Tonight I've been invited to my friends poker Club. I don't play poker, but I can still enjoy a beer or two amongst friends. It's nothing fancy so I may just go with a similar look tonight, maybe Draw in my brows and add a Little winged liner perhaps.
I hope you are all having a great weekend so far.



  1. I like the lip color
    Have fun!
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  2. Your hair looks great even without any styling products. I can't go without putting anything in my hair it will look a mess if I don't x

    1. Thanks. My hair often looks like a big mess hehe. I just try not to style it too much, to keep from damaging it too much.


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