Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I ♡ Makeup - I Heart Chocolate palette review

* I do not own the Too Faced chocolate bar palette, but I have played around with it on a few occasions*

I got this palette in my last Makeup revolution haul. I had seen great reviews on it and I honestly wanted it for it's packaging. I'm such a sucker for packaging. After I ordered it, I went online to see more reviews, and discovered that this is supposed to be a dupe for the Too Faced chocolate bar palette. So I will be adressing that in my review a well.

Price:£7,99 or about $12,50

Packaging: Chocolate Brown plastic palette. It seems very sturdy and surprisingly good quality for the low Price. It looks like a melting chocolate bar, and I just want to eat it! hehe. Very pleased with the quality of the packaging. You get a big mirror and a sponge tip applicator (lost mine already). And you get 22 grams of eyeshadow, divided betweeen 16 shadows.

I bet you all want to know if this palette smells like chocolate. And my answer is: "I'm not sure" It smells like eyeshadow to me, with maybe a hint of something chocolatey, but I can't figure out if it's my mind playing a trick on me or if it's actually there. It's very very faint if it is.

Let's just get the dupe bit out of the way, I don't want this to overshadow (pun not intended) the product as I want to review this as a stand alone product. So yes, the colors are indeed very similar to the Too Faced chocolate palette. But they are not all exact dupes. Do I think you need both palettes? definately not. But I will let you decide wich one you want. It all comes down to texture, scent, pigmentation and quality, here is where I find Too Faced to be the winner. And ofcourse there is also the price tag to consider.

I really enjoy this palette. I love the color selection and I'm pleased to say that the quality of these shadows are very consistent. There is not a dud in this palette in my opinion. You gt some great basic matte Shades, a few glittery Shades and some really pretty metallics and satins. So a Little bit of everything.

The palette is very warm toned and neutral, with some nice little twists. And I don't think that there is a color in this palette that I would not use. So shade wise this is right up my alley.

This is a great everyday palette for me, and I've really enjoyed wearing this palette for the past week. The quality is actually pretty good and the shadows show up nicely on my eyes. I alsways use a good primer underneath though. Staying power is good, but I do se a bit of fading at the end of the day. No creasing, the shadows are just not as vibrant as they were when I first applied them.
I do have to say that, after using the shadows for about a week, I've seen some "crusting" going on with some of the metallic Shades. Probably the binder in them that ensures that the shadow is not powdery. I feel like they could have made them a little less creamy and that would have been fine.

 My overall thoughts... This is a budget palette, but it's a great budget palette. The shadows are nice, they blend well and stay on nicely. But the quality is not going to blow your mind. I absolutely think it's worth every cent though and I will continue to use it. But don't expect Too faced quality, just because it looks like Too faced, there is a difference in quality definately. But there is an even bigger difference in price. I think, no matter wich palette you choose you are getting a good palette. So you decide.
I personally have just gotten more ready to splurge on the Too Faced palette, than I was before. Trying out this cheaper alternative was a good way for me to test out the colors and see if this is something I would use regularly. I'm not in a hurry to get the Too Faced palette though, for now I'm happy with this guy right here.


  1. This palette is making me wanna go down to the refrigerator and get some chocolate. I've seen this palette but always been drawn to the Too Faced one instead because of the chocolate scent. x

    1. Yeah the packaging makes me want to eat it. I Wonder if eyeshadow is considered low carb hehe...


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