Monday, January 19, 2015

L.A. Girl pro conceal review

It seems that everyone and their mother, has been raving about this Little concealer. I have known about this concealer for years, but I've never really had good luck with LA girl products. So I just never bought it. But after seing a tonne of videos on youtube, I decided I needed to try this.

Price: $2,99 on

Packaging: Not a fan of the packaging. Its a squeeze tube with a brush on the end. It can be quite difficult to get the product out. But don't squeeze too hard, or you will end up with way too much product. I don't understand why this has a brush tip. I would not blend my concealer out with this, so I think they could have just put it in a regular squeze tube, without the brush. You get 8 grams of product.

I got the lightest shade in the range: Classic Ivory

At first I was a Little unsure about this. When I first squeezed some product on to the back of my hand, I thought the product looked a Little grainy and strange. But It did blend out nicely and felt creamy.

Even though I got the lightest shade I still think it's pretty dark. Not to the point where I can't use it. It's that perfect light salmony color that matches my skin nicely and covers dark under eyes. But you would not be able to highlight with it, if you are as pale as me.

I found this easy to apply, it blends well but you have to be a Little quick as it does dry. So I will do one eye at a time instead of applying concealer under both eyes and blending it out.

I actually really like this concealer. I was not expecting to like it at all. But the color is right, it blends nicely, it does not look cakey and it does not crease as much as my other creamy concealers can. The finish is very natural and I quite like the way it looks.

The coverage is good. It's not extremely opaque but it does cover what I need to cover. So I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

I have had no problems with this fading or creasing too much. It's actually been really good. And I have to say that I understand why people like this so much. I've seen people countour and highlight with this, and I think it would be great for that, although I won't be able to higlight with it because they don't make a shade light enough for that. But I would definately get a darker color and try some contouring.

So yeah, I think this is a pretty darn good concealer. And you can't beat the Price. I definately recommend that you pick it up to see if you like it. It's definately not going to break your bank. This is not just good for the Price, it's better than the price. I mean it's better than some more expensive concealers that I have tried.

Have you guys tried it? what did you think of it?



  1. I really want this concealer, but I just know it would be much too dark for my skintone xx

    Gemma |

    1. I am extremely pale, most companies dont make a foundation light enough for me. I cant use it as a highlighting concealer. But it works great for me as a corrector.

  2. This sounds a great concealer!

    1. It's a great find. Super cheap but really Good.


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