Friday, January 9, 2015

Labelyoung shocking ZZ cream review

This was one of the items I bought in my Koreadepart haul. I thought it sounded really interesting. I've tried BB's and CC's but never a ZZ cream before. So I thought I would give it a shot.

Price: $18,82 but currently on sale for $8,99 on Koreadepart  I payed $9,96 back when I hauled this.

Packaging: It comes in a cute box with lots of Korean writing on it. So you have to check Koreadepart's website for ingredients and instruction, if you order it and can't remember these Things. ( I certainly can't) You get a very basic squeeze tube, nothing fancy. But I have had no malfunctions with the packaging either. It has the shade number on the tube wich is handy and you get 50 grams of product, wich is very standard.

Shade: I got the light shade for cool undertones (21) there is also a shade for warm undertones (23) wich looks to be a Little darker. The darker BB cream comes in a Black tube with lilac lettering.

This zz cream has some BIG claims to it. It's supposed to be a BB, CC, DD cream and a pore primer all in one. They claim it has the coverage of a BB the bright look of a CC and the dust defense of a DD? If I remember correct DD stands for daily defense. Plus it's supposed to Work as a pore primer as well. So this should be a good all round makeup product with skincare benefits.

It also contains argan oil, olive oil and eucalyptus leaf extract. It's also 10 free, wich Means it's free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oil and other bad Things.

It claims to be light weight and have zero thickness and zero grease (I guess they mean you won't get oily)

Ok so does it actually live up to these claims? It does have the coverage of a BB cream, I don't see it color correcting or brightening up my face like a CC. I have no idea if it protects my face but seeing I can't find any claims of sun protection I guess I can't really see this "protecting my face". And it certainly does not cover my pores. The product has a very thick consistency and it has a very Dewey finish so I'm not sure why they say it has zero thickness and zero grease.

As you can see from the Pictures above, it's quite thick, but it does spread and blend easily. But look at that last Picture. It looks to emphasise the texture of my skin, and it does the same on my face. So I definately don't think it lives up to all the claims.

It's not a great Foundation/BB for me. I'm always looking for something to blur my imperfections, I have enlarged pores and bumpy skin and this just seem to make it look worse. It does even out skintone and cover freckles somewhat, but it's just not that cute on my skin.

It feels heavy on my skin and my face feels oily after just a few hours of this. So It's definately not great for my oily skin. But I don't see this working for dry skin either, as it would just emphasise the dry areas and imperfections. So I'm a Little confused about this one.

Now I don't absolutely hate it, but I had high hopes for it. And it's not that great to be honest. I really want to like it, but it's just not happening. But I will continue to use this, as it's not bad enough to toss.

I wouldn't use this for workdays or if I know I'm going somewhere other than to the grocery store. So this will be for my days off, I want to keep using it to see if the skincare claims have any hold, and to see if it grows on me, wich I highly doubt.

Have you tried this? what did you think?

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