Thursday, January 29, 2015

Makeup cleanup! - Face edition

I'm still going strong with my makeup spending ban. And what helps me out a lot, is shopping my stash and cleaning up my Collection. So today I have yet another Makeup cleanup! post for you guys.

Today I will be getting rid of some face makeup. I have a few blushes a bronzer and some Foundation.

These are all pretty old, at least 2 years old. So I need to throw them out. I've never really liked the colors of these and never ever reach for them, so I don't feel bad about throwing them out. Plus they are too old for me to give them away.

This bronzer is beat up, big time. I actually really enjoyed using it and I have used it a lot. But as you can see it had a Little accident with my floor. So yeah, it needs to go.

The MAC Foundation is almost used up. It's too old for me to use the rest of it. I did like this for special occasions. I could not Wear this several days in a row without it breaking me out. So I only used it every now and then, I've still managed to almost use it up. But now it's time to get rid of it.

The revlon Foundation is just horrible. It feels greasy on my skin, it clings to dry patches and settles into pores and makes me dry and oily at the same time. Believe me I have tried using this. It's about half way empty. But I'm going to get rid of it, I don't have time for horrible Foundations anymore haha.

Elf concealer: I never use concealer on my face, only on my undereyes, and this is not for the undereyes so that's why I'm getting rid of it. Plus I'm sure it's old.

So that was all for this time. I feel pretty good about my cleanup. I don't hoard face products, like I do lip products and palettes. So I feel like I did a good job. Now I only have face products left, that I actually use.


  1. I can never throw stuff out. Only stuff I do is when I come to the bottom of the packaging like when I finish powder x

    1. Wow, not even when it's too old, and it would be unsanitary to use it?


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