Saturday, January 24, 2015

Makeup cleanup! - Lip edition

I've made it a resolution to clean up my makeup Collection this year. So last time, I got rid of a few old palettes. Today I'm going through my lip products. I have recently taken a bunch of mismatched lipsticks and repurposed them into a lip palette, so I feel I've already made some Progress here. But I still need to clean up a bit.

Getting rid of.

So here are all the lippies that I'm getting rid of. I would say, half of them are too old and the other half are unloved. I actually want to repurchase the ELF essential lipstick in classy, but I had to throw this one out, because it's old and broken. The 2 ELF glosses have gonne rancid so I need to toss them, I'm sad to see the mauvey lip gloss go, as it pairs so well with a nude lipstick, and it looks like it's not available online anymore. The glosses are too sticky for my liking and the Essence lipstick has orange glitter in it.

Trying to use up

Here are some products that are not too old yet, so I'm going to try and use them up before they get too old. I'm going to place these on my makeup "desk" and hopefully I will use them up. I do like all of these but I currently have other Shades that I'm more into. The flower lipstick trio has some amazing pigmented lipsticks, but the packaging is awful. The lipstick bullets keep Falling out of it, so I can't take it anywhere.

Trying to use more often

These are some lippies that I should try and use more often, I'm not too crazy about all of them but I need to give them a chance. Some of them I do really like, but never really reach for. So I need to change that.

the homemade lipstick palette I made earlier this month.
Here is a look at the palette I made from different lipsticks that just did not suit me. I melted and mixed them to make some wearable Shades, and I'm really enjoying this palette.

I kinda hoped I would be throwing away more of my lippies. But I just hate wasting product, and I will normally only throw something out if it's too old, or if there is NO way that I can make it Work for me. So the products that I have chosen to use up and/or use more, are next in line to be thrown out, if I can't use them up this year.

I guess it's still an improvement. I'm feeling pretty good about this cleanup I'm doing. I think next cleanup should be nail polish. If you have any questions about any of the products shown, or if you want a review on any of them, please let me know in the comments below.


  1. I de potted a lot of my lipsticks, makes it a lot easier to store x

    1. It sure does. I got so much Space after depotting mine.


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