Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Makeup cleanup! - nail polish edition

Last month I showed you my nail polish Collection, I did manage to get rid of a few polishes and give away some unused ones that was just not my color. But I wanted to cut my Collection Down even further.

So I chose the above polishes to either throw out or give away to freinds. The Depend polish has gotten thick and goopy so it has to go. But the rest I will probably give away. It's just not my type of colors. I do love my Gosh nail polishes but that pink is just not flattering on me.

I think I need to do this Again by the end of the year, to keep my Collection clean and at a minimum.

Picture of my nail polish Collection from December
As you can see, my Collection is still quite large, especially for a girl who's just not that into nail polish. I've probably cut my Collection from 38 to 30 with the ones I've given away and the 6 I'm getting rid of today. My goal is to cut it further to 20 polishes. But for now, this will have to do.



  1. Nice colors!
    New post now on blog, kindly check it out!

    1. Yeah they are just not my kind of colors. I will do that.

  2. Great colors!


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