Sunday, January 18, 2015

Makeup cleanup! Palette edition

I have a palette problem... I know. I have more palettes than there are days in a month. So I felt like I needed to go through my Collection and just get rid of palettes that I have not used for a long time.

I really wish I could get rid of more, but the hoarder in me just would not allow it. So I made a compromise with myself.

I will have to do a palettes of the months post every month, where I pick 4-5 palettes to use for a month and then do a blog post about it at the end of each month. (starting feburary).

I did get rid of a few palettes though, Some where too old and some where just not that loved.

Palettes are the hardest thing for me to get rid of. There may be one or 2 Shades in a palette that I really love, and that makes it hard for me to dump it. But at the same time I never really used them much so... yeah...

Here are the palettes that needs to go.

First up is the ELF everyday eye palette. I did use this quite a bit when I first got it. And I actually liked the some of the shadows. But I never reach for this anymore, and it's not that great. These are all colors that I have in other palettes. So I don't see why I'm holding on to it.

Another ELF palette. I actually only like the 2 first rows of this palete. And the quality is just not there. Again, I feel like I have other palettes with these types of colors. Plus the lid has broken. So yeah... And it's really old.

This one was hard for me. I love LA colors eyeshadow palettes. But I already have another palette from them, with these types of shadows. I did really like it, but I got more use out of the bigger palettes that I have raved so much about.

I really enjoyed MUA eyeshadows for a while. But the quality is just not there, compared to some of my other palettes. Plus I would only use 8 of these colors, and Again I feel like I have other palettes with those type of shades in them. So This needs to go.

A cute Little palette from Essence. Now this is not as old as some of the other palettes shown, but Again I feel like I have these types of colors in other palettes and I just don't reach for it anymore.

I never even opened this one, It has different green shades in it, and I just dont really go for greens. I have had this for over a year and I've never even opened it. I have had a hard time getting rid of  this, as it was a gift. And I tend to not want to get rid of gifts even though I don't use it. It just breaks my Heart to not like something somebody has gifted to me.

 Yup... this happened. I am getting rid of this colorful palette. I don't Wear these type of colors very often. And when I do want that pop of color I go straight to my coastal scents 252 palette. So this needs to go.

Seriously... How many neutral palettes does one girl need? I did use this for a bit when I first got it. But it's just so powdery and the pigmentation is not all that great to me anymore. So this need to get gone.

This is not that old, and not that used. I actually think the colors are nice, but I HATE the layout and design of this palette. It's just not practical at all, and that's why I never ever reach for it. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I feel both good and bad about getting rid of these palettes. Good because doing this, makes me think about what I have, what I should use and reminds me to think twice before just purchasing stuff. And it makes me feel bad because it's so wasteful to just throw stuff out, and I should have been better at shopping in the first place hehe. I may just see if I have some friends I could give some of these to. Maybe they will like them more than me.

It was nowhere near as much, as I hoped to get rid of. But for now this will have to do. I will probably go though my palettes Again at the end of the year.



  1. nice palette . follow back please, thanks.

    1. Hey there. I will go look at your blog now :)

  2. Actually I'm surprised you did not through out more e.l.f. palettes :), shows true kindness of heart :D

    1. That's because I probably only have 1 or 2 elf palettes left now, all the others have been tossed ages ago. So I have the clutch palette and the mega one from the studio line all the others are gone :)

  3. I couldn't throw any of my palettes out x

    1. I have at least 50+ if we don't include quads and trios, so I really needed to throw some out. Plus I'm trying to be pretty strict about tossing makeup that's too old. I do wipe/spray my products Down with alcohol regularly to keep bacteria from growing (a tip I got from a makeup artist friend) But still, old stuff has to go :)


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