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Makeup Revolution Blush & contour palette - Golden sugar

 I bought this palette in my latest Makeup Revolution haul, but I got a faulty palette (one of the Shades would not swatch at all, it was hard as rock) So I wanted to wait with my review as Makeup Revolution was kind enough to send a replacement palette. Wich I have to say was much better. So thanks to Makeup revolution. Now let's get on with the review.

Price: £6 or about $9,50 wich is about 60DKK on their website.

Packaging: Sleek glossy Black plastic palette. It comes packaged in a pretty cardboard packaging. I do find the palette a Little hard to open, but not to the point where it is a problem. The quality of the packaging is nice and you get a nice big mirror as well. I do wish that the "Golden sugar" name would be visible on the front, as you have to look at the back to see wich palette it is. Not a major problem, but could save some time when you have several of the blush palettes. You get 13 grams of product divided between 8 blushes/highlighters/bronzers.

I was pretty amazed the first time I opened this palette. Just the look of the products in the pan is Little slice of heaven. (that's what this palette should be called; a Little slice of heaven) the powders are just so pretty to look at with their different finishes and with vains of pure bliss running through some of them. I mean.. just look at this!

I keep referring to them as powders or products, because I would not say that these are all blushes. Some are highlighters, some are shimmery blushes, some are more of a bronze shimmer and one is a matte bronzer, so this is definately a versatile palette.

These do not have names, so I will be using numbers to describe them starting from the top left, ending with the bottom right.

1: (baked) stark White highlight with golden vains going through it, it's great as an eyeshadow or as a very noticeable highlight. This would probably Work best on pale skin.

2. (baked) glowy baby pink, this is not as shimmery as nr. 1 it would Work well as both a highlighter and blush, depending on your skintone.

3. (baked) muted rosey/mauvey pink. it's not particularly shimmery but it's not matte either. It's the color I use the most as an actual blush. It's so pretty on the cheeks, great for pale and light skin tones. This was the one that was faulty in my first palette.

4. (not baked) This is a warm, slightly metallic bronze color. I personally won't use this on my face, as it would just look strange on someone as pale as me. But I think it could be a great highlight for deeper skin tones. I use it as eyeshadow.

5. (baked) a warm champagne color, it's glowy but not overly shimmery. I Use this as a very neutral blush. In the summer I think this would be great as an all over illuminator. (reminds me a bit of the radiant light in breathe) So I think I could get away with dusting this ever so lightly all over my face for a bit of radiance, I just need to tan a tiny bit first.

6. (baked) neutral mauvey pink. This is very metallic/shimmery, So it's probably not going to be for everyone. But the color is just amazing. I do use this as blush even though I'm not into overly metallic blushes, just because I'm in love with the color. This is also a nice eyeshadow.

7. (baked) warm metallic bronze, this one I only use as eyeshadow as I'm too pale to get away with using it on my face.

8. Matte bronzer (not baked) This is a Little too dark for me as a contour right now, but I think I'll be able to use it come summer. It's on the warm side so I may just use it to warm up my summer complexion rather than using it to contour.

I am in love with this palette! I'm very much a neutral girl when it comes to blushes and these are all some great neutral Shades. I love how versatile this is. You got your highlights, blushes, and bronzers. You can even use some of them as blush toppers, if you have a matte blush you want to amp up a bit. And although I'm not much of a shimmery blush girl, I enjoy using this palette a lot. I have had no issues with this particular palette and I have found myself reaching for this a lot ever since I got it. Staying power is also great.

So yeah. I'm in love. I think this will suit a lot of skin tones. There really is a Little bit of something for everyone in this palette. Love it!


  1. It looks like a nice palette!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm following you too!

    1. It really is an amazing palette. Definately a favorite of mine.


  2. You have an amazing blog as well! Followed you! ;**
    keep in touch!

  3. Theres some good colors in here, I like those marble effect colors x

    1. It's great. I really enjoy the baked products in there.

    2. This might be online only. Went into Superdrug today and they didn't have this one x

    3. Oh, maybe it was sold out? it's pretty popular, or maybe it's not been stocked yet? I have no idea really. We don't have superdrug in Denmark. So my only option is to get MUR online :)

  4. omg. I love the color!! especially the muted rosey ♥


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