Friday, January 2, 2015

Makeup Revolution haul

Woopsie... I couldn't resist getting a few new Things from Makeup Revolution. I ordered these around Christmas time and got them in the mail today. I had a 25% off code that I wanted to use before it expired. This will be my last haul for now as I'm currently on a spending ban.

These items were all fre gifts with purchase. I already have a review of the Amazing sheer lip glosses. And now I can add 3 more to my Collection, love them! I'm interested to try the vivid blush laquer and the eyeshadow palette. Everything looks really nice.

Here is what I ordered. I have already tried the Flawless eyeshadow palette, and decided I needed one for myself. I'm super curious about the chocolate palette, I think it's supposed to be a Too Faced dupe, but not sure. The radiant light powder is fairly new to the MUR range, and I can''t wait to use it. The velvet lip cream is also new, I had to try it. And finally... the blush palette is golden sugar, I've seen so many lovely swatches of it, and decided I needed it.
So Watch out for reviews of everything. What have you tried from Makeup Revolution? What's your favorites and what didn't Work for you?



  1. I don't have that blush palette by Revolution, but I have the other two they do Sugar And Spice and Hot Spice, they're both quite good in terms of pigment and staying power. x

    1. I tried the hot spice - borrowed it from a friend, and I'm too pale, so I have to be extremely careful not to overdo it. So I thought this looked like it may be better for pale skin.

  2. Their chocolate bar palette looks so nice; I've got to try it!

    1. I've used it for the first time today, so far I'm pretty pleased.


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