Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Makeup revolution Vivid blush lacquer review

This was part of a free gift with purchase set, that was available around the Holidays. I would never have thought to pick this up myself as I find the word "lacquer" a little intimidating. I would think a lacquer wast very glossy, and I do not want glossy cheeks. But I'm glad I got to try it, because trying it really changed my opinion on it.

Price: £3 or about $4,47 currently on sale for £1,50 or about $2,37 on the Makeup Revoluion website

Packaging: I have to say that I think the packaging looks quite good. It's like a tiny Foundation bottle with a pump. I do think, that with this particular product, I would have liked a squeeze tube. You waste so much product with this pump, as you really only need the tiniest needle pin drop to do your cheeks.

I have the color " Heat" wich is a lovely neutral brown/peachy shade.

This stuff is seriously pigmented! But don't be scared, it blends out really well. I usually put a little drop on my hand and then blend it out a bit before dabbing my finger into it and then applying it to my cheeks, that's how little I need. I do this after my foundation, and before my powder. It blens out nicely with my fingers and with a small stipple brush.

This blush has amazing staying power. It lasts all day on me. And it did not make my cheeks feel greasy or look glossy like I was afraid it would.

I'm not sure if these are being discontinued since they are on sale. But I would suggest you pick up a few of these. I did not think I would like them and honestly wasn't interested in spending the extra time it takes to get the perfect amount onto the cheeks. But I love it! and it is so worth the extra effort, to get a lovely seemles apllication that lasts all day.

I hope they still have some left when I get off my makeup ban, because I need more of these.

I cannot recommend them enough. And that's coming from a girl who normally prefers her no fuss powder blush.


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