Monday, January 12, 2015

Memebox Christmas collection #4 2014 wrap-up no.2.

Finally it's here. I had some customs issues with this box and in the end I had to pay $38 in addition to what I already payed for this box. So about $74 for this box. So I'm not really bummed about this being my very last Memebox ever. As of the 15th of january they will no longer be shipping to Denmark. And I'm actually fine with that. Not because I got caught in customs. But because I've been trying to reach customer service for 3 weeks, because I have a broken item and I'm missing Memepoints from the reviews that I've done. It feels like I'm being ignored, and that they don't want to spend any time helping someone who can't purchase their products anyways. So yeah not so great service from Memebox.

Let's look what's in the box this time.

1. O’GCE Minus Touch Cooling Nose Pack Set [Cooling Nose Pack 10pcs + Pore Slim Pad Pouch 10pcs]  ($24)

Product Description"No more blackheads and oily mess around your noses! The Cooling Nose Pack’s blend of blue menthol, button flower, arnica, and pancratium maritimum extract effectively soothe and cool down dry, irritated nose. Then the Pore Slim Pad’s gentle formula based on camellia extracts and witch hazel extracts works to tighten and refresh visibly enlarged pores."

I tried these on as soon as I got them. And they sure are cooling on the skin. I don't think the pore strip got any dirt out at all, but the other treatment really closed up my pores nicely.

2. ECLADO Real Radiance Whitening Cream 40g ($50)

Product Description"This non-sticky, lightweight formula absorbs into skin smoothly to reduce appearance of dry patches and roughened skin texture and to brighten up dulled complexion. A blend of allantoin, licorice, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, and portulaca extracts replenishes, softens, and rejuvenates to give skin a healthy glow and youthful radiance."

I'm actually interested to try this out. I have a lot of dark spots from blemishes at the moment, that I would like to fade. And it sounds like a nice cream. Now I don't think this will actually make me whiter. I really hope it won't because I'm White as snow already, and that's not really what I'm looking for.

3. MINERAL BIO Natural Mineral White Clay Pack 80ml ($24)

Product Description"Detoxify, purify, and refine the skin with the power of white clay. Combined with the pore-unclogging and oil-absorbing powers of kaolin and pure mineral water, this detoxifying mask helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and rid the pores of harmful, pore-clogging toxins. It also shrinks enlarged pores for the look of pore-free, porcelain skin, and controls shine for a refined look. All the products from Mineral Bio are greatly acknowledged for high content of natural mineral water which was also approved and categorized by the US FDA as being ‘High Mineral Content."
(Best Before January 13th, 2016)

I can always use a good clay mask. So I'll be looking forward to using this.

4. I.MYSS Natural Toc Face Tuning Eye Cream 30ml ($30)
Randomly selected from Tea Tree, Argan Oil

Product Description"It’s about time you upgrade your skincare regimen to include things like eye creams – if you wish to maintain your youthfulness for as long as possible! The Natural Toc Face Tuning Eye Cream enriched with natural ingredients such as tea tree extracts and argan oil are perfect for those just entering the world of ‘anti-aging’. It’s gentle in formula, deliver intense hydration and nutrition, and suitable for daily use because it melts softly into eye contours with a moist, light finish."

I got the Argan oil one, wich was what I hoped for. So I'm looking forward to trying this.

5. I.MYSS Cantabile Stick BB Concealer 1ea ($13)
Randomly selected from #01 Light Beige, #02 Natural Beige

Product Description
"Cantabile Stick BB Concealer adheres tightly over blemishes or acne scars to provide flawlessly smooth and porcelain-finish coverage. It comes in an easy-to-carry stick type and its moisturizing formula enriched with vitamin E complex helps maintain skin moist and soft."

I unfortunately got the darkest shade of concealer, Again. So it's going straight into my giveaway pile. I'm not even going to open it to see if it matches me. I'm not too bummed though. I think I got a lot of nice Things in this box so I don't mind that I can't use 1 thing,

6. XAIVITA+ Goat Milk Skin Care Series
Randomly selected from:
1) Goat Milk Bubble Soap 85g

2) Goat Milk Moisturizing Hand Cream 70ml
3) Goat Milk Wrinkle Essence 80ml
4) Goat Milk Vitamin Scrub Foam Cleansing 150ml
5) Goat Milk Bubble Foam Cleansing 150ml

I got nr. 4 Goat milk vitamin scrub foam cleansing. Price not stated.

"This is a scrub foam cleanser containing goat milk and abundant vitamin nutrients to help exfoliate excess skin impurities, dust, dead skin cell, and sebum. It will deep cleanse the face and replenish vitality and healthy glow to your face. Contains no artificial additives thus gentle and non-irritating to all skin types."

That is a huge cleanser! This will last me ages. I'm not much for scrubs on my face as I find they tend to actually make Things worse, to the point you need to keep using a scrub to prevent flakey skin. But hopefully this is a gentle daily scrub type of product. I'm interested to try it out.

All in all this was a great box for me. I needed a new cleanser, I always like to try products that claim to minimize pores and I love a good clay mask. I'm very pleased with this box. It has a total value of over $141 (not including the goat milk product that has no Price on it) So I would say that's pretty good. I'm not happy about having to pay extra for customs, but I knew this could happen when I ordered, and it was a chance I took. Really not happy with Memebox customer service, haven't heard from them at all and I have been contacting them for 3 weeks now. These boxes were great, but even if I could buy from them Again, I wouldn't. Sorry Memebox.


  1. These boxes look interesting, never seen them before. Can you get them in the UK x

    1. Yup they are available in the UK on

  2. The box it's a little bit expensive for me but it have such nice things!
    Just checked your blog and it's so cuute!
    I'm following you, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Have a nice day!

    1. I think the box is a great bargain, the box was around $36 and that's with shipping. And the value of the box was over $140 so I think it's pretty good. But with customs andeverything it's not that great of a deal anymore. Thanks for taking yout time to comment and thanks for the sweet Words :)

  3. Wow! This box have a cute packing, I confused about stick BB Concealer, This like Roller? hahaha~~~

    Btw, Thank you for ur sweet comment on my blog! ^^ Following you on GFC #291
    Let's Keep in touch :D

    설 'Seol' ♥My Blog♥

    1. Yeah the packaging is pretty good. The BB concealer is a stick type concealer I think. I have not opened it as I know it will be too dark for me. But from what I have seen on Pictures, it's stick type.

      Welcome to my blog :)

  4. I'm so bummed with Meme. They are stopping shipping to India as well from the 15th. How will I get my K-beauty fix from now on :(

    1. Yeah it sucks, have you looked at ? I don't know if they ship to India but they do ship to a lot of countries, so it's worth a sho, and their prices are always resonable I think.



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