Monday, January 19, 2015

My Essence collection

It's been a while since I last showed you my Essence Collection. And a lot has happened since then. I really love Essence, the products are affordable, the packaging is cute and there is always a new limited edition to explore. I can't afford to rund out and get every new MAC limited Collection so I treat my self to Essence instead. So I may have a lot of stuff, but it sure was cheap.

I have gotten rid of or used up a few items since my last Collection post. And a lot more has been added. I don't think that any of the products I have are rubbish, but I definately have some favorites amongst the collection.

This was how my Collection looked last time I did am Essence Collection post

I'm pretty sure that I have reviewed most of these items. Ofcourse there is a few Things that I may not have reviewed. But I can't really go into details with all of these products here, so if there is anything in particular you want to know more about, just let me know. I can't wait for their new spring items to launch. But in the meantime I should do a bit more cleaning out in my makeup Collection.

What are your favorite Essence products?


  1. I love some Essence products as well, and for the price the quality is amazing!
    You have a nice collection there! :)

    1. Thanks, yeah the quality of most of their products is quite good.

  2. waaa so many >3<
    ur essence collection is amazing :D


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