Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Makeup revolution collection.

I have an obsession with Makeup Revolution. I remember feeling the same way about ELF when I first discovered them. But this is even more magical. Makeup Revolution is an affordable brand, but I find that the quality of their products outshine any other brand with similar prices.

It seems that every time I look, they have added new items to their webshop, and it's always something new and exciting and on trend! They do a lot of dupes of high end Companies as well, but with their own personal take on it. I'm especially impressed with the quality of their eyeshadows. Their matte Essentials palette has just impressed me so much!

I also love that there are color options for girls as pale as me, but I would love to see some options for women of color.

I'm just blown away by this brand. And I have yet to try something really horrible from them. There are some products that I think they are better at, than others. I'm not a big fan of their mascaras so far, and I'm not completely sold on their lip products either (except the glosses, those are my most favorite gloss at the moment). And there are sooo many Things that I have yet to try from them.

This is just an awesome brand, and I love how they actually communicate with their consumers. It makes them feel so approachable and Down to earth.

I am not Affiliated with them in any ways, and they have never sent me anything for review. I've bought everything with my own Money. But ofcourse I wouldn't turn them Down if they wanted to send me something. (hint hint Makeup Revolution) ;)

So yeah, that's my Collection as of right now. I do expect this Collection to grow this year. But for the next couple of months, I have to be a good girl and stick with my no spending plan.


  1. You have a good collection building up there. I don't have that single purple eyeshadow, I have the bright pink one. Works much better as a blusher x

    1. I actually have not really usd it yet. So I'm not sure what I think of the single eyeshadow. But I'm planning on reviewing everything, some of it has already been reviewed.

  2. I didn't know that they have chocolate bar looking palette.
    I love the heart blush! You have pretty amazing collection! :)


    1. Yeah they have also just come out with a new White chocolate palette with all neutrals. And they have a dark one as well. I'm slightly obsessed with Makeup Revolution. But I tell myself it's ok because I'm a beauty blogger haha.

  3. I'd love to try the rose gold looking palette, I've seen it compared to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and it looks so pretty!

    Meg ♡

    1. It's very comparable to the Naked 3 palette. Ofcourse there is the difference in packaging and also quality and texture. But It's a pretty close color match.


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