Thursday, January 22, 2015

My mascara collection

Time for another Collection post. As always, this is not to brag, this is just to show you what I have and it's a learning experience for me as well. I get to look at my Collection and see where I have a problem and what I can do differently to stop having too much of something.

Mascara is a tricky subject for me. I have not purchased a single mascara for almost a year. Yet somehow I keep adding more and more to my Collection. This is mostly due to gift with purchase deals and point perks and such. Most of my mascaras are gift with purchase and 2 of them are point perks.

My opened mascaras
Essence get big: This is old, I bought this myself and I did not like it and have not really used it more than twice. So I'm throwing this out.

Almay get up and grow: I just opened this one because I felt none of my other mascaras were doing anything for me. I got this in my US haul last year, but just opened it this week.

Makeup revolution Viper: woops I purchased this myself didn't I? I think I did, well scratch the not buying mascaras for a year then. I did buy this. I should not have opened it, but I was curious to try it out.

Gosh Growth mascara: this is just about old enough to toss, but I'm going to use it until it's too old. It's an ok mascara. I bought it spring or summer last year I think, And recently started using it.

Rimmel wonderlash: this was a point perk. I don't really like this one, so I don't really use it.

Sephora mascara: This one I truly hate, I don't know why I keep it around. It's definately too old. And I'm tossing it today.

Elf mineral infused mascara: I used to love this, not so much anymore though. I just opened this and I have had it in my unopened Collection for at least a year. It's going out soon though.

Essence Beach cruisers: I keep this around for days where I need a waterproof top coat. Love this.

Lancome baby doll: this was a free sample. I need to toss it because it's old.

unopened mascaras
And here is a look at my unopened mascaras. 2 of them I won in 2 different contests and the rest were gifts with purchase. So out of my 14 mascaras (yikes that's too much) I only bought 7 of them myself and only bought 1 or 2 of them within the last year.

I have never had this many opened mascaras at the same time. It's super waistful and I cannot allow myself to open up anymore before I'm Down to at least 3 opened mascaras. I feel like mascara is the thing I buy the least of, but it's the product I get the most of as gifts with purchase. I've actually had even more unopened mascaras this past year. But I gave a couple to my mom and at least 2-3 to my friends. And I also sold 2. So yeah

I'm not sure how I can improve my mascara habits, seing how I get most of them for free. But I do need to be better at giving them away or selling them to someone who could use them. (I'm talking about the unopened ones here).

So yeah. #endlessmascarasupply #bloggerproblems haha

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  1. I haven't tried any of those mascaras. I'm using a W7 one at the moment but it's a different one to the one you have there x


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