Thursday, January 8, 2015

NYC big bold gloss review

I got this gloss in my haul, that I did when there was a Black Friday sale. So I got 20% off everything. I've been using this gloss ever since I got it, so I'm ready to tell you what I think of it.

Price: $3,99 at beautyjoint

Packaging: A "regular" type of lip gloss packaging... except it HUGE! I'm talking Hard Candy Glossaholic huge! The gloss has a giant doe foor applicator, so no need to dip to cover your Whole lip. You get a whopping 11ml of gloss.

Color: Big City blush, a sheer pearly pink. It looked completely different online. I didn't think I would like a pearly pink gloss. But I actually like the way this looks on my lips, it's not too pearly. There are 11 colors in this line.

NYC big bold compared to NYX butter gloss doe foot applicator

The scent is sweet, yet floral? it has some sort of rosey scent to it. It's not my favorite scent, but it does not bother me enough to affect what I think of the gloss in general.

This gloss is supposed to plump your lips, and I feel like it actually does plump my lips. It's not a burning og hot lip plumper. But rather a minty, cooling plumper, wich is how I like it. It's not an extreme plumping gloss at all, but it does smooth the lines of my lips and it does make my lips feel and look fuller. This is ofcourse temporary, the plumping will only last as long as you are wearing the gloss.

This is a non sticky gloss, it feels very hydrating and smooth on the lips. It's not a particularly long wearing gloss, but I don't mind reapplying it.

I'm pretty pleased with this gloss, yeah the initial scent is not the greatest, but it's not too bad and I love the formulation of this gloss, I love how it looks on my lips and how cooling it feels.

I definately want to get more colors and I think this is such an affordable lip plumper. I was so surprised that it actually worked for me.

Lip plumpe is different for everybody, so I can't promise you, that it will plump your lips as well. But at $3,99 I definately think it's worth a shot. I really like this gloss and I've used it so much these past couple of weeks, and I hardly made a dent in it.

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