Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NYX butter gloss review

I have had this gloss for a while now. I feel like everybody has been raving about these glosses. I'm strange when it comes to products that everyone raves about, I tend to think that I won't like them. And that some products are just way too hyped. So I kinda got this and was expecting not to like it at all.
I got the color: angel food cake.
Price : $5 at
Packaging: Nicely color coordinated packaging. I can see why people think these are so collectable. It's always nice to be able to find the right color in a hurry. So packaging look good. But as soon as I open it, I'm a Little dissapointed. Don't ask me why, but it's something about the cheap White wand and the doe foot applicator that could be better. Again it's just a feeling I get when I open it and I'm probably the only one who thinks that. You get 8ml of gloss.
This gloss is very smooth and hydrating. And most importantly, not sticky. I like the creamy texture so I have nothing bad to say about that.
Everybody seems to be raving about the scent. I have heard bloggers describe it as caramel or Vanilla butter frosting. Honestly to me the scent it very faint. I can only smell it if I stick the tube up under my nose hehe. So just keep that in mind, if you are like me and you go by scent a lot.

I'm really pleased about the color I picked out. It's just the type of browny/mauve nude I'm liking right now. This has really nice pigmentation, it's not fully opaque but it's certainly not sheer either. On my lips however this end up looking like my natural lip color. So very much a "my lips but better" shade for me.

Keep in mind that I am very pale, so on darker skin this would probably look a lot lighter.

I have to say I do really like this gloss. I love the texture and pigmentation and I would definately look into getting a few more. But is it completely worth the hype? naah. I think it's been hyped to be a holy grail gloss, and although it is a very very nice gloss, it's just a pigmented gloss. It's not going to last all day or do anything drastic to your lips.

So if you see a color that you just love, get it. But I honestly don't think this is a holy grail gloss and I don't see it as a cult product years from now. But it's a pretty nice gloss that I will get a few more Shades of, but that "OMG" feeling is not there for me.


  1. This shade looks so pretty!

    1. I'm really into these types of Shades at the moment.


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