Thursday, January 8, 2015

Products I don't like

I wanted to show you a few products that I've accumulated in the past month or so that have just not worked for me. As always, this is just my opinion on the products. You may like these products and that is totally fine.I will do my best to explain why I don't like these products, I'm not just going to bash a product for no reason.

Fortune cookie soap, Hand sanitizer, There's no place like home:
I have nothing against these hand sanitizers normally. But it's a combination of the scent and the fact that this has glitter in it, that makes me dislike this one. It has a very strong cinnamon scent, it's just too much. And the red glitter may look cute in the bottle, but not on my hands. So this was a fail for me.

Vivito, painting lips tinted balm, berry farm:
This is not a tinted balm, it's a balmy tint (2 different Things) This gave me such a harsh Deep pink tint, that did not look good on me. It smelled amazing and it was moisturizing. I was initially going to give this a second chance. But it turns out I'm allergic to something in this balm. Every time I used it, my lips would go numb and then blisterst would start to form. It took me days to get rid of the blisters and it took me 4 times of using this before I realised that this product was the cause of the reaction. So much for a $24 lip balm. Good thing I got it in a memebox.

Shara Shara, drawing brush liner:
Look at the swatch above. This is 3 layers of eyeliner! I have not even used this on my eyes. I have only swatched it and there is absolutely no pigmentation. So I won't be using this. Another memebox fail.

That's all my dislikes for now. I'm really bummed about the lip balm, the tin is so cute and it smells amazing. The tint is not the greatest but I could deal with that. But I'm not going to put anything on my lips that gives me blisters and sores for days.


  1. I have quite a list of products I don't like either. I think its good to give negative reviews too, as well as good ones. Theres been quite a few posts where I've had products and really don't like them. If I don't like something I will say in my posts. x

    1. Fortunately I've been good at researching products before buying to avoid ending up with something I don't like. I would normally just do a regular negative review of the products after trying them out for some time. But sometimes I have some products that I can't or won't use because I dislike them that much. Those products will go in to a post like this. So I always talk about the products I dont like, when I have any. Fortunately I've been good at not buying too much crap. :)


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