Sunday, January 18, 2015

Products I need to repurchase!

I try a lot of products, And I have had a lot of favorites throughout the years. But I rarely repurchase Things. Mostly because I forget, and also because I'm quick to move on to new Things. But A few Things have been stuck in my memory for a while now. Some products have been used up a long time ago but most products are favorites that I am running alarmingly low on.

So here are some of the Things that I need to repurchase soon.

Comodynes peeling sheets, I have not had these in a long time. But I used to really love these. I'm not even sure if these still exist but I need them back in my life.

Covergirl lash blast mascara. I used this one up recently and I need to get a few more of these next time I do a US drugstore haul.

I won't be repurchasing this exact color, I loved it but the glitter got to me in the end. But Hard Candy has come out with some new ones, that looks like they may not be as glittery.

I had to throw my old one out, because it was too old. I definately need to get a new one, and maybe also try the new stick version of this.

Oh how I miss you. I really need to repurchase this! It really did a great job at balancing out my skin and it help me controll my enlarged pores. So I have to get one soon.

I'm almost out of lip smackers. And I can't use up my last one, without replacing it with some new ones. I know these are so childish, but I love them!

I'm almost out of my Maybelline instant age rewind. It's not available in Denmark so it's another thing I will have to stock up on, when I do my US drugstore haul. It's my favorite of all time.

I went through this powder rather quickly. I have hit major pan and I only have a tiny bit left. This is also not available in Denmark. Next time I'm getting the light powder, as I think that would suit me better. And I'm stocking up!

These are some of the products that I will be repurchasing this year. I love them all and I see myself repurchasing most of these as long as they are available for purchase.

What are some of the products you need to repurchase? what are your most repuchased products?


  1. Pretty blog! Support each other on GFC?

    1. wow thanks :) I will go have a look at your blog right now.


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