Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seventeen - Cheek stamp blush - stare struck

I have had this blush for a while now. It was one of the items I got for myself in my Black Friday haul from Boots. I remember these being limited editions once, but I never got around to try them. So when I found them again, I had to try one. I have to admit the Whole stamp thing was what lured me in.
Price: £4,99 on
Packaging: It came in a cute Little box. The product itself is a strange Little plastic tub with a mirror on top. This is an odd Little thing to look at. You screw off the bottom and out comes The stamping applicator, wich is basically a big sponge. The Blush itself is in the lid of the packaging. You get 3,2 grams of product.
Color: Stare Struck. I believe there are 5 colors to choose from in total.


Now I have to be honest and tell you, that I don't like this stamping applicator. It just picks up too much product, and it's too big for my cheeks. So what I do is, I take my blush brush and dab that onto the sponge. This gives me plenty of product and I don't end up with clown cheeks. I did try and use the applicator sponge but I had too much of a hard time, controlling the amount and I did end up looking a bit clowney. So the design is a Little bit gimmicky. And every time you put the lid back on, you will add more product to the sponge. I feel like I'm wasting product this way.

Other than that, it's a beautiful blush. I love the neutral mauvey pink. It is on the shimmery side though, so I tend to skip highligter when using this. But the color is just so fresh and natural on my cheeks. Definately a color I will get a lot of use out of.

When it comes to staying power, this surprised me quite a bit. It does stay on really well, but if I'm having a bad skin day, I will notice it wearing off a Little patchy and accentuating my pores a bit.
So all in all, I like the blush, the color is great and the Wear time is long. But I don't care much for the gimmicky packaging. I will continnue to use it because I really love the color. But if you want this blush simply because of the packaging, then you may be dissapointed. I would say it's nice to have, but not a must have.



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