Friday, January 9, 2015

Starstruck! The fangirl in me is very happy

You gotta love facebook! When I made my boyfreinds Christmas present it was heavily influenced by my favorite zombie book series. Mark Tufo may not be the most famous author in the World. But to me he is the best author there is! period! So I this fangirl was a Little starstruck, when he actually too the time to read my blogspost, about the Christmas gift I made for my boyfriend. He even replied to me on facebook, and that just made my year!

please click for larger image.

Then yesterday this happened! I can't believe how awesome Makeup Revolution is. They actually find the time to listen to ONE persons ideas, and from the looks of this, it seems like they are actually considering making this palette. So I'm going to be on the Watch for this blush palette. I have no idea how much time ot takes from idea to production, but I can tell you; ban or no ban I'm getting this palette as soon as it is launched (if it launches at all). So fingers crossed that this will happen. I know it's not a collab, and that I'm not designing it or anything, but if this palette is made, it would have a special place in my Heart and I would feel that it was MY palette haha.

Have you had any fangirl freakouts lately? let me know.


  1. It's what makes Makeup Revolution a great brand. They deliver what the consumer wants and more... I'm on the pale side too so this palette seems like a dream for us pale peeps x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. They are pretty great. Would be amazing if they make that palette :-)


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