Monday, January 5, 2015

Vivito Dessin Solution lip & eye makeup remover

I recieved this Vivito lip&eye makeup remover in the #79 oh! my lips memebox. I normally never use this type of product, as I don't really Wear waterproof makeup, and found no need to use them for regular makeup removal.

Price: $32 according to Memebox. I have searched for this product in some of the Korean beauty websites that I shop from. But I can't seem to find this anywhere. I even tried amazon and ebay. So I'm not sure where you can get this.

Packaging: Very standart plastic packaging. It does look cool with all the writing on the bottle. And I like that the product doesn't just ooze out when you use it. You get 100 ml

The makeup remover consists of 2 coponents that mix together when shaked (very typical for waterproof makeup remover) Sometimes I find that you have to Work fast with these types of product if you want to keep the 2 components mixed. This however, you don't have to be as fast.

Another thing that has kept me from using these types of products, are  the oily residue. I feel like some of these makeup removers makes my eyes sooo oily that I need to go over them with something to take the oils away. This just leaves my eye area feeling fresh and hydrated. Thumbs up!

The scent is very pleasant, you can definately smell that it contains lemongrass oil, but it's not a strong scent.

This is some serious effective stuff. It removes makeup really well. I use it for all my eye-makeup removal now and it just saves me some time and I don't need to rub at my eyes at all.

I just put the product on a cotton round and then let it sit on my eye for a few seconds. I then pat gently and swipe it over the makeup to remove it. So simple.

I really enjoy using this, but I'm not sure I woul be able to repurchase it. First of all, I have no idea where to buy it and second of all, $32 is a liiiiittle bit pricey for me. But it's the best of it's kind (of the ones I've tried) So I may cave in and get it, if I find it somewhere.


  1. I always use a waterproof remover as my makeup takes a while to remove, especially when I have my eye makeup very dramatic. My friend said to me once why don't I just use baby wipes to remove my makeup, I said wipes wouldn't even touch my eyeshadow x

    1. I would imagine, that you woud need some heavy duty makeup remover with all tha glorious darkness going on, on your eyes ;) NOOO baby wipes/ makeup wipes are evil! I really don't like wipes. I always have a pack, to clean up my arms after swatches. But I never use them on my face, they seem to be either too dry or they will strip my face of moisture and leave evil little bumps on my face. I normally use Olive oil for really heavy duty makeup, or my Egyptian magic cream (holy grail).

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    1. You should try Memebox or Koreadepart. I've gotten a few Memeboxes and I have 2 on the way, unfortunately they stop shipping to denmark in about 10 days so I guess I'm going to be doing my shopping at Koreadepart, they don't do boxes, but they do have really fair prices and a point system.


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