Monday, January 19, 2015

Why I won't recommend Memebox!

I know this is going to give me some negative comments, but I feel like I need to be honest wiht my readers. And not only when there is something that I like. I feel that as a person that recommends products to my readers, I have a responsibility to tell you when something is not worth the effort.

Please remember that this is just my personal experience with the Company, and I know lot's of people really enjoys their Memeboxes.

I have nothing against the boxes themself. I absolutely love the boxes that I got and I would have loved to keep buying them. But there are 2 major reasons why I will NOT purchase a Memebox Again.

1. They stopped shipping to Denmark

2. The customer service is rubbish.

I have reviewed all the boxes that I got, and for some reason they won't credit me for the last 3 boxes. It's only $9 worth of points so that's not what makes me angry. It's the fact that I have contacted them a couple of times every week for almost a month and I have not gotten an answer yet.

Plus it took me several weeks for them to reply to my mail about a broken item. And when they did respond, they gave me 4 memepoints. Thanks Memebox for giving me 4 points that I can't use because you no longer ship to Denmark?!?

So it takes them forever to answer, and when they do (if they ever do) They will not answer your Whole letter but just the questions they feel like answering. So that way you have to write them Again and wait a few more weeks to get an answer to a completely different question.

It's not that they "Owe" me $13 worth of points, because I can't use them anomore anyways But it's the fact that they answer really poorly if they even answer at all. I can understand it taking 2-3 days but not a month! that's just not ok, especially when you need to reply to their mail and wait another month for them to answer that one.

It seriously took them 3 weeks to answer my mail about my review points, just to tell me that I needed to write to the affiliate team (wich by the way does not answer at all).

Ok I'm going to stop here before my head explodes. It's really minor issues I have had, but I thought you should know about the "quality" of their service, just in case you ever have a problem with them, don't expect the problem to be resolved.

Going to do something positive and happy now.

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