Saturday, January 10, 2015

Yves Rocher Fizzy bath cube review

I bought these in my last Yves Rocher haul. I have recently aqquired a bath tub, so I've been grabbing everything bath related I have come across. And after I discovered that Yves Rocher had Fizzy bath cubes, I had to give them a try. So I bought 9 of them.

Price: DKK 10 each or about £1 each. (Price and availabilty may vary from country to country) I bought mine from the Danish Yves Rocher website

Packaging: Individually wrapped in easy-to-open wrappers. I like the overall design of these. one bath cube is 15-20 grams.

Let me start out by saying that I had no idea what these were supposed to do, other than fizz and smell good. (and that's pretty much all it says in the description on the website)

The first time i used them I only used one. But that's not enough for my 100cmx100cm bath tub monster. So 2 is needed for one bath for my large tub. Wich increases the Price of one bath substantially.

I did find these to give my bath a nice scent and - in some cases a bit of colour. Wich was nice. They did not stain my tub and they did not leave any residue. I feel like they made the Water softer but other than that I did not notice any skin softening effect or anything with these.

I did try and mix it up with some bubble bath, and I find that these fizzy cubes interfere with the production of bubbles somehow ( wow look at me sounding all sciencey and stuff) So I would use these without any bubble bath.

I've actually already used all of them so I'm going to give you a Little description of the different scents.

Vanilla: This did  not have an overly strong Vanilla scent. It was more of a sweet fragrance. This did not have any color to it.

Peach: This initially smelled very peachy but developed into more of a sweet scent. This did give my bath a peachy tint to it. I love the scent of this one.

Coconut: This did smell like sweet coconut and it turned my bath Water milky White. I found this to actually feel a bit softer on the skin than the others.

Raspberry: Lovely raspberry candy scent. This turned the Water slightly pink.

Pear caramel: The scent was warm and sweet and it gave the bath water a slight yellow tint.

I would not repurchase all of these Again. But I would get the coconut ones Again, because I felt these did actually make my skin feel a Little less stripped after a long bath. And I would get the peach Again, simply for the scent.

These weren't bad, but they didn't wow me either, so I would say they are just average. And I'm not too happy about having to use 2 in every bath. For that Price I think I could find a more exciting bath bomb to use. But I'm going to continue to get the coconut ones every time I order from them though.


  1. Thank you for the review. I had been thinking about buying those for a while since i love bath products, but first of all, i have a big bath tub too and i also love my products to add more then a little scent. So you saved me a purchase here. I guess i prefer a good bath oil than instead or one of my lush bath bombs, even though they are a lot pricier.

    1. Glad I could be of help, I would say if you ever want to try them, go for the coconut one, it does soften the skin compared to the other ones. But yeah they are just regular. So I'm going to try other brands.


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