Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yves Rocher - Or ultra nacré eyeshadow review

*This product was sent to me by Yves Rocher for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

I was really intested to try this little guy, I haven't really tried that much of Yves Rocher's makeup line, except from their gloss and mascara and the occasional palette. And I've been really into adding a pop of sparkle or gold to my makeup look this season.

Price: 99DKK wich is about 9-10£ on the Danish website. Please check your local website for prices.

Packaging: It's a little glass bottle. Pretty cute if you ask me. I'm not a big fan of Loose eyeshadow for the simple fact that I find most jars to be really messy. This is not messy at all. You just shake out the amount you want, onto your hand or into the lid. Nothing is wasted and it doesn't go everywhere. You get 3 grams of product.

This is a limited edition color, they do also have a permanent range in other colors. it'sa true gold Pearl finish eyeshadow.

I wasn't sure what to think of this at first, I think I was expecting this to be extremely metallic and vibrant. But when used dry, it's actually quite a subtle pearly sheen. It's my own stupidity, it's called "nacré" wich Means Pearl, and does not claim to be extremely metallic.
I did play around with it a bit and found that when Applied wet, it gives and extremely foiled look. I have only tried Water, no mixing fluid, and the results were pretty amazing. I was afraid that it would not be very long lasting with just Water instead of a mixing medium, but once it dried it stayed put. I could definately see myself using this as a liner.
I would not use this as a stand alone eyeshadow, mainly because it's gold, but I have really enjoyed adding it to the center of my lids on my finished eye looks, to add a little something something.
I found it to last all day with a primer, it does fade and crease a bit without one.
Honestly, I think 10£ is a little expensive for a single Loose shadow, this is just my personal opinion and wallet speaking. I do think that you are paying extra for the packaging. And I think this packaging is way better than those little messy jars, so I can see why Yves Rocher did that. And it's not that I don't think the quality is worth it, I just don't tend to spend that much on a single shadow, no matter the quality or brand.
Yves Rocher often has a sale or some sort of discount going on, so it's not very often you have to pay full Price for a product, so if you have gotten curious about their Pearl shadows, I suggest you look for a discount on their website. But if you want this limited edition shade, I wouldn't wait too long.
welcome to my nose!

In todays look (Picture above) I used it dry over my finished eye look, to add a little something extra. This is my preferred way of using it. And I'm pretty pleased with the look.

I already have my eyes on a Rosegold shade from their permanent line (damn you makeup spending ban), and Yves Rocher often has deals where you save £5 off your order, wich I would be more than willing to pay.

So my final thoughts are: It's a great little eyeshadow topper, you only need a little bit, so this will last you for a very long time, it's versatile, the packaging is great, not messy at all. But it's a little too pricey for my personal liking. I probably would not repurchase this, just because I don't wear gold Shades that often, and I don't see myself running out any time soon. But I definately want to purchase the rosegold shade once I'm off my makeup ban.

So what do you guys think? have you tried it? are you going to try it? do you think the Price is fair? And what's your thoughts on the packaging?


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