Friday, January 2, 2015

Yves Rocher, Sexy pulp lip gloss review

*I was sent this by Yves Rocher for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

This is not my first Sexy pulp lip gloss, I used to own a few of the travel sizes a few years back, and remember really liking them, so when I was sent this one I was pretty happy. This is a limited edition color called "Or"

Price: 99DKK or almost 10£ (prices vary from country to country) on your local Yves Rocher website the permanent line is 119DKK or about 11-12£ here

Packaging: Not the typical tube of gloss. This almost looks like it could be a mascara tube instead. It's a little bulky, but the quality is nice. I really like the doe foot applicator on this gloss. It's very precise and just well made. You get 10 ml of gloss.

Yves Rocher claims that this gloss is a non sticky formula that hydrates lips and gives lips a plump appearance. I have to agree with that. It's not sticky at all, although it's on the thicker side it does not feel sticky. It does hydrate my lips nicely and it does make my lips look fuller.

Now I won't say that this is a lip plumper. It does not sting or make my lips tingle. I think the formula just makes the lips appear more plump, rather than actually plumping them.

This has a sweet almost caramel scent to it, wich I love. It smells so nice. But I do have to say that it tastes a bit perfumey. Not a fan of the taste. If you have tried any of their regular lip balms you know what I'm talking about. It's not enough to deter me from using the gloss, as I really like the look and feel of it. But it is something to think about before you get it.

This limited "Or" color is a sheer golden gloss. It has the prettiest golden shimmer, small enough to not feel gritty on the lips. You really can't feel the shimmer at all. It's quite subtle on the lips, giving you just a hint of golden glow when the light hits your lips. Very pretty on top of a lipstick.

So all in all I really do like this gloss a lot. It feels really good on the lips, but I could do without the taste. I think the Price is a little expensive for a gloss, but Yves Rocher often has some good deals, and right now you can get one of these glosses in a rose color as a gift with purchase (in Denmark). If you want this limited edition color, I would say to get it now, before they are sold out. But if you just want to try one of their permanent colors I would say look out for sales and offers.

On the UK side the permanent line is actually 14,50£ but it's 49% off right now so only 7,35£. Now may be the time to try it out.

Have you tried any of these glosses? what do you think?


  1. That's quite a nice color. I know what you mean about the packaging looking like mascara, I thought it was when I first saw it x

    1. Kinda looks like a Maybelline mascara :) Yeah it's also pretty nice on top of lipsticks.


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