Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dr. MJ Real Mucin restore cushion

This was a cushion Foundation I got in one of my Memeboxes. I've been trying it out for quite a long time and I have had some really mixed feelings about this product. But I feel like I'm ready to tell you my thoughts and opinions on it now.

Price: According to this is worth  $54 It's currently available at Korea Depart for only $24,68

Packaging: Very well made packaging indeed. It's a White plastic compact, but it feels very sturdy and very high end in my opinion. It has a button you have to press to open the compact, so it won't open up in your purse. I'm not sure how many ml or grams you get.

This BB cushion has a SPF of 50! so it's definately going to give you a bit of sun protection. But don't Count on Foundations and BB creams for you full sun protection, as you don't slather this stuff on very thick.

It's made from snail secretion (yucky but effective in skin care) and it also contains Adenosine, Arbutin, Allantoin, Aloe extracts, sea Water, sea grape extract, collagen, ceramide 3 and macademia seed oil.  I have no idea what most of those are, but I'm surprised that I'm not having an allergic reaction to the Aloe in this product, as I normally react to pure aloe.

It's also free from parabens, mineral oil, bensophenone, talc and alcohol wich I really appreciate.

So this is marketed as a BB cushion with skin care benefits.

As far as I can tell it only comes in one shade, wich is quite a light shade. I'm very very pale and it matches my Winter skin perfectly. So this is not going to be for everyone.

I tried this on as soon as I got it, and I looked like a glossy mess. It's definately a Dewey product and NOT for oily skin. But I've been really dry lately, and I find that it Works really well on my dry skin. It does not cling to dry patches and I do not need to powder afterwards.

I have to say, that it's very tacky on the skin, and it does not dry down or set, unless you have dry skin like I do at the moment. Don't feel tempted to apply a moisturizer before this, it will leave you looking very glossy. And don't use a powder over it, as it will adhere way too well to the BB cream and won't blend out properly.

This is definately not for everyone. I would say, if you have dry pale Winter skin, then you may really enjoy this, otherwise you should probably skip it.

I have come to really like this as it gives such a natural flawless finish on dry skin and it feels quite lightweight. But when I'm oily, this will just make me look super glossy and greasy and it will remain tacky on my skin all day. So definately only a Winter product for me.

Have you tried cushion Foundations before? if so, what's your favorite? I'm definately going to be trying more.


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