Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I've been treating myself to a lot of face masks lately. So I thought it would be fun to save the empties so I could show you what I've been using.

Tony Moly, Intense care, Dual effect sleeping pack:
This was just a sample but it was enough for a single use. I actually really liked it. And I want to get the full size of this.

Puresmile, Muddy girl:
I actually got 3-4 uses out of each of these, so that's pretty good for a $2 mask. I really enjoyed using these. Once the mud mask has dried, you can start to see oily bit being sucked out of your skin. Pretty awesome. I Don't know where I can get these Again, but I want to repurchase them.

O'gce, Minus touch pore slim pad:
These are not pore strips, but cooling pads that you can use after pore strips or even for under the eyes. I've been enjoying these a lot for depuffing and tightening. There are 3 pads in each pack and I have 8 more packs.

Velieve, Honey moisture mask:
This paper sheet mask was really nice, it had a very  faint Honey scent and contained plenty of serum. It really did moisture and hydrate really well. I want to try more of these.

That's all my empties for today, I actually would repurchase everything in this post. But some of these were from a Memebox and are not readily available for me in Denmark. Do you have any face mask favorites? I would love to know.

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