Saturday, February 21, 2015


I've got some more empries for you today. I've collected quite a few the last couple of weeks so expects to see even more soon.

I used up my Yves rocher organic deodorant, and I can safely say that I will NOT be buying that particular scent Again. It smelled like old hippies had a party, smoked some illegal stuff and did not shower for 3 days. Not the scent I'm going for in deodorant at all!

I finally used up my Dennis Knudsen leave in conditioner. It has lasted me ages! I do really enjoy this stuff so i would consider buying it Again. But right now I'm sticking to my hair oils.

I've used up quite a few travel sized day creams and such. None of them really stood out to me as anything special. Except for the Yves Rocher, cure solutions cream. But it's unfortunately nowhere to be found anymore so I have to let than one go.

I did not use up my Body shop vitamin R oil completely, but I have to throw it out. It has gotten pretty old and I can tell that the scent is starting to change, so I have to toss it.

That's all my empties for today. I have big plans for next week, so stay tuned.


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