Wednesday, February 18, 2015

flawless foundation tip!

I never get dry skin. Well that was until this Winter. My skin has been sooo dry, that I almost want to say my face is chapped haha. I've been finding it hard to adjust from being extremely oily to being extremely dry. So I've made quite a bit of mistakes and looked like a cakey face monster for a long time hehe.

But I've finally come up with a solution that Works well for my dry skin.

1. before applying Foundation, I will apply a facial oil. I'm using my Cleomee Donkey oil, but you could use any facial oil that you have. I let it sink in a little.

2. I find a BB cream with good coverage that is hyrating on the skin and I apply it with my fingers (buffing Things in can cause your dead skin cells to lift and the BB or Foundation to cling to it)

3. I take a DRY beauty blender and use it to blot my face, getting rid of too much shine. You could use other things to blot your face, just make sure it does not take away your Foundation as well. Sometimes I skip the blotting part, it depends on how Dewey I look after BB or Foundation application. I just blot to prepare for powder.

4. I do set everything with a powder, I use the GOSH BB hydrating powder and I use it sparingly.

This method has totally given me my "lit from within" glow back.
I do still get oily around the nose, but not more than I'm used to and I can easily blot it. You could say I use the oil instead of a primer, I've never really been a fan of primers but this is an extra step worth taking for me.

It may sound scary to use an oil with your Foundation, but trust me. You get the most amazing finish. It will look like your skin is just naturally this flawless. I just love it!

You could tweak this, to Work for different skin types. Like choosing a different Foundation or skipping the powder, depending on how oily or dry you are. There is also different types of oils, some more greasy than others, the oil I use is not super heavy or greasy but it's not a dry oil either.

I hope you like my little tip.


  1. Really lovely post dear!
    Thanks for sharing.
    New post

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I use this tip daily now. It really helps me :)


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