Monday, February 2, 2015

Follow up: NYX megashine lip gloss

I did a review of these glosses back in 2012 you can see one of the reviews here. I really enjoyed these glosses a lot. Back then, I was more into sticky lip gloss, don't ask why. And these were not sticky enough for me.

I used to own 2 of them, and always said that I would be getting more. I used one of them up completely and the other I have just recently gotten rid of as it had gone bad.

Back in 2012 these were $3,99 and now they are more than $5. Yeah I've actually been lookking around at swatches to see wich ones I should get. Even though $5 is still cheap, I'm not sure  would get more than one or 2 of these Again.

But I will definately be getting a new one this year. So I'm not over these glosses yet. They smell like cherry coke (love it) and the creamy ones are really pigmented. So yup, definately just talked myself into getting some more.

Have you ever tried these? no one ever talks about them anymore, wich is a shame.



  1. I'm always searching for nude/pale lipgloss that I can wear for work and I think your post has just helped me with finding the next one! Thank you :)

    Rebecca xx

    1. Thanks Rebecca glad to help. There's also some great nudes in the NYX Butter gloss line.

  2. Replies
    1. It's a pretty nice color, think I need to repurchase it.


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