Sunday, February 22, 2015

I ♡ Makeup - I Heart Passion palette review

I got this palette free with purchase a while back and honestly thought I would not like it at all. Looking at it at first, it was just not the kind of Shades I would normally go for. But I gave it a chance, so let's see what I think of it now.
Price: £5,99 on Makeup Revolutions website I got it as a gift with purchase.
Packaging: Gotta love that big shiny Heart in the middle of this palette. As with other MUR palettes this is quite well made and quite sturdy. I only have one complaint, and that's those pesky inlays they put in their palettes, you know- the ones with the shade names. I would prefer them to not put them in or to print it on the back of the palette instead. You get 22 grams divided into 16 shadows.

The quality of these shadows are pretty much the same as all the MUR eyeshadow palettes. They make some amazing mattes and some nice shimmers. These can be a bit hard to swatch some times but I find that they always apply nicely on my lids. Definately great quality for the Price. And with a primer they stay on all day.
I did not think that I would like this palette, as these type of colors do not really speak to me that much. But upon closer inspection I actually found that I liked 9 of the shadow a lot.
There are some unusual Shades in this palette. Like the one called "I say go" it looks to be grey in the pan, but when swatched it is this amazing taupey, lilac golden shade, just stunning! And I'm also a fan of the mattes in this palette, amazing colors!

My only complaint would be that the Jewel toned shadows could be a Little more vibrant on the lid. I don't think that the beautiful deep jewel tone effect really shows up as vibrant on the lid as I would like. And I could certainly go without the glittery black shade. But I can live with that, because the other Shades are so amazing.

I'm definately Warming up to this palette of unusual and pretty Shades. And I think it's very versatile, I have created soft matte lilac looks and vibrant purple looks, I've done a taupey neutral look and a smoked out green look. So definately fun to have if you want to play with wearable colors.
I do really like this palette, and I recommend it if you like these types of colors. Just don't expect crazy vibrancy from the dark shadows.



  1. I really like that blue color in this palette. I know what you mean about those inlays, they can get really annoying. I only keep them just to know what the colors are called. x

    1. I was actually thinking about you, when I wrote this review. Thought you may like the dark Shades in this palette :)


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