Thursday, February 12, 2015

My lipstick collection - the lipsticks

Today I bring you another part of my lipstick Collection... The actual lipsticks. I've shown you some other types of lipsticks in my previous posts, but today is all about the typical lipstick. I've collected quite a few. Lipstick seems to be one of those things I always want to try new shades of. I have already done a bit of a purge so this is the cleaned up version of my Collection.

The pinks
L-R: L'oreal color riche, Flower beauty lipstick, Essence lipsticks, GOSH velvet touch lipstick.

Pink lipstick does not really suit me that well. There are a few pinky Shades I can get away with, but not many. And that is why I don't have a lot of them. My favorite has to be my L'oreal lipstick, because of the color. It's a really pretty pink with golden shine to it, it's quite sheer and very wearable for a "pearly" lipstick. The best formula has to be the GOSH lipstick, it's very creamy and has a nice faint vanilla scent. 

The reds
L-R: Maxfactor intensely red, ELF essential lipstick, Astor rouge couture.

I do like a good red lip, but I don't wear red everyday, so I feel like having 3 is just the right amount for me. They are all 3 different in tone. I like the elf best when it comes to the color, it's a lovely bright blue toned red but my most used has to be the maxfactor lipstick. The one from Avon is a more neutral take on red, I don't wear it all that often, and could probably replace it by a new prettier red.

The neutrals
L-R: Bourjois rouge edition, Essence lipstick, Milani color statement, GOSH velvet touch, Makeup Revolution lip hug, ELF studio moisturizing lipstick, Essence long wearing lipstick, NYC Expert last, GOSH velvet touch lipstick.

I used to hate nudes, I could never find one that worked for me. I tend to look like I'm dead when I wear true nudes. But I found out that choosing neutral shades, just a few Shades darker than the beige nude, really works for me. I still prefer mauvey, greige nudes to the peachy pinky nudes. If a nude is too warm toned it just clashes with my complexion especially if it's a very pale color.

My favorite colors has to be the Bourjois 02 beige trench and the GOSH 161 sweetheart (5th lipstick from the left). I can't really pick a least favorite, as I wear all of them. When it comes to the formulation I would have to say Bourjois and GOSH wins again,
The colorful
L-R: YSL rouge volupte, Maybelline color sensational, Makeup Revolution lip hug, Makeup revolution £1 lipstick, Chanel lipstick.

I only have a few colorful options, I do want to explore more colorful lipsticks this year, but I'm very picky. Most colors don't suit me very well. But I do love a good purple so I have collected a few different ones, I can't wear purples that are too cool toned though. My favorite shade has to be the Makeup revolution lipstick in "enchant" and my favorite formulation and also favorite packaging has to go to my YSL lipstick.
the repurposed lipstick palette
Before my purge I had at least 15 more lipsticks to show, all pretty colors, but they did not suit me. So I did a little DIY and mixed them together into 11 Shades that are wearable on me. Very pleased with this one, and I've talked about it a few times before, so I will stop rambling about it now ;)
I did also have a few lipsticks that were too old that I got rid of.
So that's all my actual lipsticks. It's a lot, I know... But most of them are really affordable, I would rather have 10 awesome cheap lipsticks than 1 awesome expensive one. But I do want to venture into the World of YSL some more, and maybe get myself a new MAC lipstick as well.
If you have any questions about any of the lipsticks shown, please ask me in the comments and I would be happy to answer them.



  1. Great shades! You have a lot to choose from :)

    1. Thanks, yeah it's a little too Much, but I have a lippie addiction hehe

  2. I like those really bright pinky colors best x

    1. It's really hard for me to pull off, but sometimes I just Wear them anyways, even if they look slightly odd on me


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