Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My must haves for when I'm sick

So as some of you may already know, I have been a little under the weather (still am, but it's getting better). I've been lucky enough to get the flu (sarcasm if you're wondering) And I'm pretty sure that this is no regular flu. Somehow the "man-flu" must have mutated, and was able to infect me.Because I've been pretty pathetic. hehe.

Anyways, I thought it would be helpful to share the little things that have helped me conquer this life threatening "man-flu" (Again sarcasm may occur)

Lip balm:
I have been using lip balm like my life dependet on it. Not only for my lips, but I also put some one my fingers and dapped it on my poor poor nose. And I have to say, that my nose is thanking me for it right now. You could also use vaseline, but I'm probably the only person on earth that does not have any Vaseline.

Pain killers: Now I'm not saying that you should stuff your face with these, but 1 or 2 tablets once or twice a day has really helped me keep my fever at bay. I would normally do this before bed time so I can sleep throughout the night.

Soft drinks: I normally love a glass of Water, but when I'm sick and my throat is sore, I can't get Water Down. So I've been drinking juice and some Ribena (Black currant - non carbonated drink) I prefer Cold drinks when I'm sick, I can't stand hot drinks when I have a fever.

popsicles: Again I'm strange when I'm sick. I cannot eat warm food when I have a fever, and I generally don't feel like eating at all. So I've pretty much been living off popsicles.

Smoothies: I've always got frozen fruit in my house, so I've been making a smoothie once a day, just to get some vitamins as those Space rocket popsicles don't really contain any nutrients.

I have been using the cooling pads for under my eyes and on my nose

Moisture masks, cooling eye pads/depuffers: When I start getting past the fever and start feeling better. I like to try and treat myself to a paper mask and some cooling eye pads, just to make myself feel a Little more refreshed and alive.

Baths: I have pretty much lived in my bathtub these past days. It has just helped me relief the flu symptoms and made me feel a lot better. So I've had at least one hot bath each day since I got sick. (I normally shower daily and take one bath a week just for relaxing)

Entertainment: The first few days, I actually just slept,so I did not need anything to keep me entertained there. But after that I've been enjoying listening to e-books on Audible. I'm currently listening to Lycan fallout 2 by Mark Tufo - My all time favorite author. And I've been watching a couple of horror movies on TV. Kinda stupid to Watch horror movies when you have a fever, I always have nightmares when I'm sick, but hey... Free horror movies while you sleep! why not?

Soft paper tissues: The softest you can find please! I have never ever needed soft tissues like I did over the past few days. I literally blew my nose so many times that I gave myself a bloody nose! Never done that before. this must be the "man-flu" right?

caribbean chicken Soup with lots of chilli
Chilli: When I have been eating warm food, I've made sure to give it a chilli overdose. Not sure if the spicyness actually does anything, but I do it anyways.

So that's what I've been up to for the past 3-4 days. Today I finally feel like I can be up and about a little more. I'm actually going to my parents house for dinner, so I should probably bring some hand sanitizer hehe.


  1. Aww poor you. That sounds indeed nasty. Great idea with the chilly (though i have no clue how you can stand it with a sore throat) but it can actually help to disinfect your throat and it also makes you sweat more which is great for getting the fever down. My mum always used to say that your body will automatically ask for what is good for it. Seems your body is quite good at that ;).

    1. Hehe my body is also craving milkshakes and takeaway, but I Don't listen to that hehe. The chili was kinda a struggle to get Down, but it did make me feel better afterwards.

  2. Happy that my book is helping you through your illness ummm but I have to ask ummm so where does one get said pain meds for the flu? :) Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Haha very funny. It's just regular pain killers like Panodil, Aspirin and such. No funny ones unfortunately ;) I do know someone who reminds me a bit of Trip, so maybe he could have helped me hehe. He's pretty funny though, he always have some crazy "home remedy" . No matter the ailment, he will have a suggestion for you that is - like he put's it "technically" legal. haha. I'm sticking to aspirin though.


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