Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nivea repair and care body lotion.

My skin has been soooo dry this Winter. So I've been trying out some different lotions to try and combat the dryness. When my skin gets dry, it gets irritated and itchy, so I've been needing something potent to help me.

This body lotion is nothing fancy to look at, it does not have an amazing scent and it's actually quite liquidy. BUT I have to say it's been really good on my skin. Even though it's liquidy it really deeply moisturizes my skin.

Now I don't think the 48 hour claim is completely true, BUT I will say that I feel like this keeps me hydrated for a good 24 hours, wich is fine by me, as I normally shower every day so I don't need it to last 48 hours.

It does a great job at soothing my skin and stopping the itching. And it just feels great on my dry skin. It does not really have any scent to it so if you are sensitive to smell, this would be great as well.

This is such an affordable lotion, but it really Works Wonders for my skin at the moment. So I totally recommend this for anyone with irritated VERY dry skin. It's very easy to masage into the skin, it does not leave a White cast or film on the skin, like some heavier creams tend to do on me.

So yeah, this is amazing! And I will definately be repurchasing this if I run out.



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