Monday, March 23, 2015

Being away from home on my 2nd week of healthy eating.

I don't live wiht my boyfriend just yet. So I travel a good bit, every week and stay with him for a few days at a time. He does not have to Watch what he eats so I thought I better take some Things with me, just in case.

I have taken a few snack bars with me, some miso Soup, some diet shakes that I think taste really yummy and some 0 kcal "noodles". I also prepared some meals that I can heat up for lunch, when he is at Work.

Turned out to be some pretty good Things I brought. Yesterday Karsten (my boyfriend) made us pulled pork burgers for dinner, I only ate a Little bit of bread and then had the pulled pork with my 0 kcal noodles instead. So I saved myself some kalories there.

It was actually super easy to pack these goodies in my bag. I mean, I was already packing toiletries and other Things, so it did not take much longer to pack myself some food items. So I have no excuse for not eating healthy now :)

I'm thinking of making my own protein bars, to save a Little Money and to control the ingredients. So I'm looking forward to doing that.


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