Friday, March 6, 2015


Today I have some more empties to share with you, It feels like my empties bin never gets... well... empty. I am constantly using up products! Is it just me or do you also get a feeling of accomplishment when using up a product? Well, let's get to talking trash shall we?

Yves Rocher sexy pulp mascara: This was just a sample size. I really enjoy this mascara and I've had quite a few sample sizes of it. Maybe it's time I commit to the full size?

Rimmel Keep calm lip balm: I still have 2 more of these to go through. I'm not a fan of them. I don't find them hydrating at all so yeah, just trying to use them up.

Lip smacker: this is the berry buttercream from the cupcake Collection. I love these! and I definately want to repurchase, if I ever find somewhere that sells these.

Elf essential concealer: The name has completely rubbed off and I can't remember what it's called. But it's from their essential line. Although this does not provide me with a lot of coverage I still enjoy it! It's great for days where I want minimal makeup on and for when my skin is super dry. I think I've gone through 3 of these already.

Hard candy glossaholic: I love this stuff! But I'm a little annoyed at the glittery bits. I've heard that Hard Candy has launched some new versions of these, without the chunky glitter so I definately want to get my hands on one of those.

Essence XXXL lip gloss: It was alright, wasn't a total fan of the particular shade. After trying their long wearing version of these glosses I'm more inclined to skip the cheaper version and go for the long wearing ones instead, the texture is much nicer in my opinion.

Sephora mascara: very very old one. I can't even remember what it's called. It's not even dried up yet but I don't use it as that would be like holding a big sign saying " I want an eye infection" I didn't like the mascara, it smudged and didn't wear well.

Physicians formula nude wear powder: I am so sad to see this one go. I used it up SO fast. Within like 10 months of purchasing it. And that is fast for a makeup hoarder like me. I definately will be repurchasing this again! Love this stuff.

That's all my trash for today. If you haven't already noticed, I'm having a giveaway :) I giving away a lot of goodies so just click here if you want to learn more about it.


  1. Finishing up products feels so exhilarating! I have so stashed on makeup, that recently, I have been throwing away almost unused expired ones. Hope to start finishing up products at this rate soon.

    1. Aaw throwing out almost unused makeup because it has expired sucks. That's why I never buy backups of anything, I'll have plenty of time to repurchase anyways, it's not like I'm going to use up a product in 1 week hehe. But I'm SO guilty of not using my Things enough. Good luck with your Little quest :) It feels amazing to use up a product.


  2. Replies
    1. Wich one? I really did not like the Sephora one. But I love the sexy pulp from Yves Rocher.


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