Monday, March 2, 2015

February favorites!

Another month has passed, and what a month it's been! I'm super excited about going into spring. I am SO ready for warmer weather and longer days. But enough about that, let's get to the favorites.

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First favorite is my Shelas rotating makeup organizer. I'm so happy with it and I want to get another one. It just makes my morning routine so much easier and I have really been reaching for different Things more often. No more "stuck in a makeup rut"

Wet n wild spring 2014 palette: This was featured in my recent palette of the month post. I've really been enjoying this palette a lot! It's just such a great neutral palette with some nice shade options. Definately a favorite.

Labelyoung shocking ZZ: I gave this one mixed reviews. But I've really been enjoying it lately. My skin is super dry and textured and it seems that no Foundation will look good on it at the moment. This is the one that looks the best, it's not perfect but it adds a Little hydration and it does not break me out, like everything else seems to do at the moment.

LA Girl, pro conceal: My maybelline instant age rewind has got a new rival! I love this little guy. I can't believe how good this is, especially considering how freaking cheap it was. My Maybelline instant age rewind has nothing to worry about though, they are 2 completely different Things, but I like them about the same, I could not pick one over the other.

NYC twistable intense lip color: It's been a favoite before, and it's probably going to stay a favorite for a long time. I am just in love with the shade! I use this a lot, and it's really starting to show on the packaging and in the amount of product I have left.

GOSH forever lipshine: This is fairly new to my Collection ,and I have not reviewed it yet. The color is similar to the NYC one but the lasting power is AMAZING! And it smells so yummy as well. I need more of these!

Benefit, stay don't stray: I've been using this more and more, choosing this over my UD primer and Too faced primer. I just really love how long it lasts and how my matte shadows seem to go on effortlessly when I use this. I need the full size!

Those are all the favorites of February. Don't forget to enter my BIG giveaway here.


  1. My favorite primer for eyes is NARS Smudge Proof Shadow Base x


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