Friday, March 20, 2015

Fit Friday! My first goals and plans.

I decided to do a weekly Health/fitness update on my blog. This will be the first installment. So this week I got a sudden burst of willpower to actually get my S*** together and start planning for a healthier life.

Keep in mind, I'm very overwheight (I need to drop at least 100 pounds/50 kilos)and I have been overwheight since I was a small child, so change is not going to come overnight. It will be a daily struggle.

I already know what I am doing wrong. I've always been really bad with food, eating too much of the wrong things and not enough of the good things. I'm not a very active person either. I'm not lazy, but I don't particularly enjoy working out, so it is something I have to force myself to do.

So I'm pretty much starting from the bottom and working my way to the top.

My starter goals will be to eliminate sugar from my diet. Start working out a few times a week and the most important one for me; Cook healthy meals for every single meal! I'm really bad at skipping meals and just snacking on bad things, because cooking for 1 can be boring. But I'll have to do it!

This week I actually managed to eliminate sugar from my diet and Work out twice! so that's a start. I'm thinking of taking pictures of every meal I have, and include it in my weekly update, maybe it will inspire someone? It will at least be motivating for myself.

I'm not going to weigh myself in the beginning. My doctor knows my wheight and I don't want to know it just yet, I'm afraid it will discurage me from reaching my goals. But somewhere along the way I will ask my doctor about my starter weight, so I can tell you how much I've lost.

I'm currently between jobs, so money is tight. So I can't buy expensive treatments or magic potions (not sure those would Work anyways) I'm not going to go on a crazy crash diet either. I will do this the old fashioned/hard way, using common sense.

So after just a Little under a week, I have noticed a few Things already. My mood is a lot better, and I don't feel bloated and I feel like I have lost som Water weight. I still feel very motivated and I can't wait to write my next update.

Wish me luck!


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    1. Thanks Cátia. Right now I'm feeling really good about it. But I know it's going to get tough at some point. So I'm hoping that blogging about may help me to not give up, like I have given up in the past. I really want this!

  2. Nice one.. Keep it up dear!
    New post:

    1. Thanks Dimple :) It makes me so happy that you beautiful ladies are supporting me :)


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