Monday, March 16, 2015

Makeup cleanup! eye edition!

It's been a long time since I've done a Makeup cleanup post. So I thought I would do one today. The sun is shining, and my Little chipmunk mr. Boo is feeling the spring vibes, and so am I. I'm ready for some spring cleaning!

Jemma Kidd - makeup school cream shadows: I never really liked these. they don't set and they crease like crazy. So they have to go.

ELF studio cream shadows: I love this stuff, but unfortunately it has dried up. So I have to throw it out. But I'm getting a new one for sure.

Coolcos eyeshadow: yup that big thing right there is eyeshadow. And it looks soo pretty in the pan. But once you swirl all those pretty pastel colors together, you get a greyish beige. So yeah never really used it much.

Essence stay all day cream shadow: this was my favorite. And I have been holding on to it for SO long. It has dried up and I have to get rid of it. Unfortunately these shadows are discontinued so I can't get a new one. (sad face).

Uma eyeshadow: this was a gift with purchase and I just don't really care for it. so I'm giving it away.

Loose shadows: I have no idea what brand these 2 are. They have been in my Collection for far too long and I probably never ever used them. So I'm getting rid of them.

Gosh waterproof eyeshadow stick: There is nothing wrong with this, it's actually pretty good. And it's not even that old. I just prefer lighter colors when it comes to cream shadows. So I'm giving this away to someone who will appreciate it more.

Dainty Doll mascara and eyeliner duo: never really liked this one. It's way too old and has to go.

ELF products: I reviewed those shadow stick thingies a while ago and I hated them. They crease, the packaging is rubbish and I just haven't used them since. I need to get rid of them. The eye brightener is also very very old, and I prefer NYX Wonder pencil for a matte neutral brightener.

Oriflame stylo eyeliner: This one just isn't that great. It's not as pigmented as I woul like, and it smudges really bad. It was pretty expensive $15 or something and I have an essence one that's like $2 that is way more black and budgeproof. So this one has to go.

That was all for this time. I'm a Little sad to let go of the ELF and Essence cream shadows but it needed to be done. I'm just gonna go sit in the window and enjoy the sun now. (sounds like something a cat would say, if they could talk)



  1. great post, reminds me to clean up my make up stash again


    1. If you blog about it, let me know.... I love these types of blog posts :)

  2. Great post dear! Loved it, very informative (:

    Life in Pastel

  3. Loved the post! Even I am on a cleaning spree. I am trying to use up stuff as well. It feels so good to get rid of the stash we are no longer using.

    1. It feels SOOO good to use up stuff and get rid of old unloved stuff. I try and get rid of unloved products before they expire, that way I can give it to friends or Family and hopefully they will get some use out of the product.


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