Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New products I'm excited for!

I love this time of year, when brands come out with their spring Collections and new products. I wish I was rich so I could just run out and buy everything! Today I want to share some of the new products ( or at least new to me) that I'm thinking about trying.


I think everything looks amazing and I really want to try all these products. I was so surprised about the Coastal scents, Revealed 3 palette being released. I still have not gotten around to getting revealed and revealed 2 but I don't think I need all 3 palettes anyways. What are some new products that you are excited about? Let me know in the comments?



  1. nice post dear, lol we all wish we could get everything we wanted

    1. Thanks. Can't wait to get a job again so I can buy more makeup hehe


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