Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shara Shara skin light up - review

I got this higlighting stick in a Memebox a while ago. Honestly it took me quite a while to start using it, as I'm not that into golden highlights so I thought that I wouldn't like it. I was wrong!

Price:  $6,51 on Koreadepart it's normally $9-10 so it's an affordable product.

Packaging: Chubby packaging with gold lettering and stars. On one end you have the highlight and on the other end you have a sponge of decent quality. I actually don't use it to blend out the highlighter, but it's great for cream blush or concealer.

There are 2 color options: pink beam and gold beam, I have gold beam.

I'm very impressed by the texture of this product. It's a stick but it's not waxy or greasy as some stick type products can be. It actually slides on effortlessly but when you touch it it feels dry and powdery on the skin, not in a bad way though. It's like a weightless cream to powder product that sets as soon as you have blended it out.

It does not leave a greasy or tacky feeling behind at all. It's VERY shiny so a Little goes a very long way. But  if you like yourself some POW in your face highlight then this can definately be achieved with this. It's very easy to blend so it can also look very subtle.

The scent is somewhat floral, but not the kind of floral scent that typically bothers me. I'm fine with this scent, but keep that in mind if you are sensitive to scents.

Because of the cream to powder formula, this product seems to set and therefore stay on quite well throughout the day. It stays on better than any of my powder highligters do!

I have to say, I'm really impressed with this product. The pale golden sheen it gives, looks soo pretty on the skin. Even on a pale girl like me. I'm super impressed by the formula of this and I love how weightless it feels. Definately a Winner in my book. And I recommend this to everyone who likes a good cream highligt.



  1. Korean Skincare is the best.. However I feel their base makeup doesn't really suit everybody . Especially we Indians can not really think of using their highlighters/foundations.

    1. Yeah asian BB creams and such seem to be very very pale and often cool toned. Wich is good for me as I'm very pale. I have a very hard time finding a Foundation that is light enough for me from the drugstore, and even from high end brands, so Asian cosmetics and my skin is like a match made in heaven. So I can thank the asian trend of being pale and pink toned for that (although I don't understand the trend, I would love to be tan!) But it is super annoying how brands often forget about very pale women and women of color. But hopefully that will channge some day.


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