Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shopping4net haul

I made my very first order at Shopping4net.com this weekend. And I'm super impressed with the shipping time. It shipped yesterday, and I just picked up the parcel this morning. So yay for quick shipping.

I'm running low on makeup remover and toner, but I'm planning a Korean skincare haul later this year. So I just wanted something inexpensive to use until I do that haul.

I've used the Neutrogena moisturizer before and really liked it, so I decided to repurchase that, and get the makeup remover and toner as well.

I've never waxed my face before, but I feel like I'm brae enough to try it now. I definately need it! hehe.

And then I got a bunch of Raw-bite bars and quest protein bars. I'm thinking about eating more healthy and I'm actually going to start working out with one of my girlfriends tomorrow. So yeah...

Prices on Shopping4net seems very resonable and shipping was free because I ordered over £40-50 worth of stuff.. (those quest bars ain't cheap!)

So yeah. That's my little haul. Let me know if you want to see more health-related posts and if you want to follow my journey to a fitter, healthier me...



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    1. Thanks Cátia. I'll whip up some Health/fitness updates and posts as I get on with it :)

  2. I have never heard of Shopping4net before, thank you for showing me it. Seems like you can get some great stuff. Looking forward to the Korean Skincare haul!

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    1. I hadn't heard about it before either, but I'm glad I found it. Oh girl! so am I hehe!


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