Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ultimate throwback thursday!

I thought it would be fun to show you all what a differenc hair and makeup can do. So I'm going to show you some picutres of me old, and new so you can see all the different looks I've had. I never rebelled as a teen, but by my early 20'ies I had gone through so many piercings and so much hair dye... I think I made up for it.

19-20 years old, before selfies had a name. Aaw I miss my cat he was such a Goof.
Starting off with a goofy one. I'm probably around 19-20 in this Photo, the way I looked then is probably closest to the way I look now. But get ready for a roller coaster of strange...

20-21 years
I had a few years with Black hair and piercings everywhere. I took every opportunity to put on a costume and use special effects makeup.

21 years
I even made my own dreadlocks.. hehe But that fase faded quickly.

22 years

I was inspired by the pinup look and wore a lot of red lipstick.

22-23 years
This was a halloween costume, I was a pageant princess gone bad. (wearing a wig)

22-23 years

This Photo is from a Zombie pub crawl I went to in Copenhagen. I did the "makeup" myself.

23 years

This was a test run for a Halloween look I wanted to do. I wanted to be a purple alien superhero (yeah strange.. I know)

Me without makeup. I got a job at an office and decided I needed to look a Little more "normal" my crazy days were pretty much over by then.

I wanted to go back to my normal hair color, and ofcourse I decided to do it myself. So I bought a product to remove color from my hair. It worked... somewhat.

After a trip to the hair dresser to get a few highlights, this was the result I rocked for about a year.

27 years
Ever since I stop coloring my hair, it has been growing like crazy. This Picture is taken about a year ago.

28 years
And finally, this was the Picture I took yesterday. 28 years old... do I look a lot older? I honestly don't think so hehe. I definately have put on a bit of wheight the last 2-3 years but other than that, I think I look alright. I actually really loved my black hair, and I miss it sometimes. But it took me years to get back to my natural hair color, so I probably shouldn't mess with it. I also really liked the red hair, but I also like my makeup, and with the red hair, a lot of my makeup just looked off.

I may look all grown up, but that goofy goth kid is still in me... somewhere. I only let her out around Halloween though hehe. But I can't promise that I won't do something strange with my hair or get another tattoo at some point. I'm actually thinking of jumping on the whole lilac hair trend ( I know, I'm late) but still...

If there is anything I would change about myself today, it would be my weight. I have always struggled with my weight, and that's why I don't really have any full body Pictures of me. I hope 2015 could be a year of motivation for me. I have so many Things I NEED to do. Like get a job, move in with my boyfriend, Loose weight and hopefully start a Family. Phew. Life was easier at 20 wasn't it?



  1. you r so pretty :D and look younger and fresh.


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